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Eastern Capital LLC Introduces New International Commercial Lending Division, Expands Into Major European Markets including India, Asia, France, Italy and Spain

Leading Commercial Funds Facilitator Eastern Capital LLC proudly introduced multiple International Commercial lending products today aimed at real estate investors and developers globally whom are facing difficulty in finding funding for commercial real estate projects abroad.        

ATLANTA, Feb. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Eastern Capital LLC, found on the internet at, has announced that it has proudly launched a newly formed International Lending division to aid commercial real estate developers abroad. Eastern's domestic Commercial lending initiatives, which have been incredibly successful to date, provide the structure and underwriting horsepower for its new International Lending division.

Eastern Capital LLC is focusing on financing offshore office complexes, hospitality sites, large multi-family housing projects, manufacturing and warehouses across all major European markets. The entire team at the Eastern Capital LLC International Division is eager to fill the void left by offshore banks who are not capitalized to fund speculative or turnaround commercial real estate projects in their own countries.

The Board at Eastern Capital LLC recognized the critical need for offshore customized financing while researching lending patterns and trends abroad and by working directly with affiliates "on the ground" in Europe who have identified numerous commercial projects that are in dire need of and recapitalization and/or bridge funding.

This also provides Eastern Capital with another unique benefit given the strength of the Euro. These added margins will then cycle back to domestic borrowers to provide additional liquidity for various bridge and non-recourse initiatives recently introduced.

"With the introduction and superior team at Eastern Capital, LLC there is no doubt that an untold amount of major European projects that will get completed in the immediate future. The fact that the additional revenues will then be filtered to the domestic market here in the USA is sheer brilliance. Eastern Capital has again set the bar and continues to win and keep the respect of the industry," says the MortgageTrends and RealEstatePro News Editor.

Eastern Capital LLC has also restructured its bridge loan programs for flexibility on a cross-industry and cross-continent basis. This expanded lending range allows Eastern Capital to penetrate additional International markets such as agriculture, specialty manufacturing, equipment, lease buy backs and more. In addition to facilitating funding for the borrowers or the investors target property, Eastern can facilitate funding for the operations budget of the project as well. This is a true end to end International Private Funding solution and it's an industry first.

Domestic or International – When it comes to getting a commercial real estate project funded in today's economy, Eastern Capital is the solution.

You can learn more about Eastern Capital LLC at or by calling (855) 505-0508.

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