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Everything You Need to Know About Gold Investing in About a Half-Hour

PHOENIX, Sept. 5, 2007 — To help celebrate its 25th anniversary of inspiring America to rediscover gold, Swiss America Trading Corporation today released A RARE OPPORTUNITY: GOLD 101, a new television special on DVD hosted by Pat Boone.

GOLD 101 covers all of the basics investors need before buying gold, including: four types of gold worth owning, five steps before buying gold, and six major forces driving gold prices higher.

GOLD 101 features CNN, CNBC and FOX NEWS interview excerpts with Swiss America CEO Craig R. Smith between 2002 and 2006 discussing the bull market in gold and his 2001 book, "Rediscovering Gold in the 21st Century."

GOLD 101 examines the impact of the new precious metals electronic-traded funds (ETFs) and the "Chindia Effect" on commodity and gold prices in recent years.

GOLD 101 traces the path of the falling U.S. dollar over the last century and the impact rising real world inflation is having on American citizens.

GOLD 101 sites the Internet as a major force driving interest in gold coins and offers consumers a list of pitfalls to watch out for including buying counterfeit or stolen coins.

"This documentary-style program will help viewers grasp why gold has become the best investment of the new millennium and quickly gain the knowledge needed to become a successful gold investor," says producer David Bradshaw of Idea Factory Films.

Growing volatility on Wall Street is driving demand for safe havens like gold. The loss of confidence in paper assets in 2007 is moving investors to search for alternative tangible assets.

GOLD 101 explains, "Smart investors are diversifying out of dollars and into gold, a trend experts expect will continue for many years to come."

"The 21st century gold rush is about to enter its seventh consecutive year. The appeal of owning gold is spreading fast as the U.S. dollar's decline accelerates. GOLD 101 brings into focus a time-tested strategy offering: safety, privacy and growth," says Craig R. Smith.

Pat Boone, Swiss America's national spokesperson, presents both the upside potential and downside risks of gold. Boone's advice: "Don't wait to buy gold, buy gold and wait!"

"Viewers are instantly given the big picture of this quiet (but steady) bull market in gold and U.S. rare coins which began in 2001. After four decades of buying, selling and writing about U.S. rare coins I was amazed to see how suscintly this program boils it all down in a half-hour. Before buying, I suggest watching," says Neil S. Berman, author of "The Investor's Guide to U.S. Coins" and upcoming book "Coin Investing for Dummies."

Swiss America is offering the public a FREE review copy of A RARE OPPORTUNITY: GOLD 101 on DVD by calling 800-289-2646. To view a two-minute trailer visit:

Media contacts: Holly Smith at (800) 950-2428 to book an interview with Craig Smith or Ed Lubin at (818) 597-1190 to book an interview with Pat Boone.

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