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Evolution of Pharmaceutical Distribution Supply Chain is Goal of BDI Pharma, Inc.

BDI's Linear B Exchange model addresses the rising distribution costs associated with healthcare reform

COLUMBIA, S.C., Aug. 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — BDI Pharma, the nation's fastest growing national distributor of specialty pharmaceuticals, has set its sights on evolving the next generation supply chain strategies, focusing on a true cost-per-unit, alternative distribution model while continuing to grow their core business.

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The pharmaceutical industry faces increasing challenges based on the complexities of modern healthcare.  One of the primary challenges that BDI has the ability to address is the cost of distribution; namely, paying more fees to continue to fund a model that is close to unsustainable.  "Manufacturers need to radically change how they view pharmaceutical distribution," states Anthony Jackson, COO, BDI Pharma.  "They have spent entirely too much time on managing distribution, whereas their counterparts on the consumer goods side have long mastered the distribution puzzle, and now focus on demand management to truly understand consumer needs."

Utilizing Linear B Exchange, an exclusive distribution model, BDI Pharma provides a distinctive solution.  The focus being on orphan drugs and specialty pharmaceuticals with unique molecules, BDI looks to bring best-in-class practices to the supply chain with the ultimate goal of evolving pharmaceutical distribution towards a cost-per-unit model.  "Not all drugs are designed to fit within the Linear B Exchange model, so we continue to seek out additional manufacturers with the right types of drug that will thrive in an alternative distribution environment," states Rick Schindewolf, CFO, BDI Pharma.  "We are excited to bring a cost-per-unit model to manufacturers, which offers benefits as it relates to CMS regulations."

About BDI Pharma, Inc.

BDI Pharma has continuously refined the concept of niche distribution, providing solutions beyond the traditional wholesaler model since 1995.  We operate as an extension of our partners' sales force, create demand, and move market share with each transaction.  In this regard, we maintain a highly selective process when entering into a strategic partnership.  Our approach of serving the manufactures as well as the customers over nearly two decades has proven successful in varied market conditions.  This is further supplemented through innovative supply solutions, extensive product knowledge, 24/7 emergency availability and urgent need delivery.  An open-access resource for reference material, educational literature, market data and online ordering, BDI Pharma's home web page (also  has become an industry-renowned point of reference.  Proprietary programs covering comprehensive reimbursement services – and 855-BDI-CARE; and product consignment –; round out a family of solutions tailored to the needs of the healthcare community at large.

BDI Pharma's product portfolio includes IVIG, branded and generic specialty pharmaceuticals, chemotherapy products, vaccines, albumin, coagulation factors, high-titer or "hyper" immune globulins, and other specialty injectables.  BDI Pharma is recognized as an "ADR," or Authorized Distributor of Record, for all of the manufacturers it represents.

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