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'Evolution's Fatal Flaw: The Inevitable Consequence of the Need to Ensure Species Survival': New Book Challenges Creationist Beliefs and Warns of the Dangerous Results of Human Evolution

LACEY, Wash., Nov. 9, 2009 — The evolution controversy rages hot as ever, with aggressive initiatives from popular secular scientists and best-selling authors like Sam Harris and Richard Dawkins in fighting deep-seated religious beliefs of Creationism and Intelligent Design. But according to Lawrence Wood, author of "Evolution's Fatal Flaw: The Inevitable Consequence of the Need to Ensure Species Survival" (published by iUniverse), evolutionists have failed to address evolution's critical "fatal flaw."

Wood takes a unique approach in "Evolution's Fatal Flaw," explaining both the science and historical development behind evolution as a means of understanding the world. "Some of the most perplexing questions concerning people today are 'Where do we come from?' and 'Where are we going?'" says Wood. "The latter question is perhaps the most important."

Wood focuses on eight Gallup Polls that list approximately 40 percent of Americans as believing in Creationism, 40 percent in Intelligent Design and 20 percent in Evolution as the origin of species. Discover why three drastically different human origin explanations still exist, and follow Wood's meticulous blend of facts and reasoning to conclusively rule out Biblical and religious explanations of origin and support evolution. The author also describes the historical phases leading up to the discovery of evolution, as well as social and cultural reasons why some might reject the strong evidence that favors evolution.

So, what is evolution's "fatal flaw"? "Evolution has been too successful," says Wood. Evolution's solution to ensuring a species' survival – sexual desire and reproduction – has led to population explosions. While strong sexual desire cannot be reduced, there are readily available means for reducing its effects. Wood writes:

Unfortunately, the principal driver of reproductive genetic mixing is an occasionally overriding desire for sexual activity, also provided by evolution's natural selection filter. While the overwhelming desire for sexual activity cannot be realistically controlled, there are readily available means for preventing the results of sexual activity from producing too many offspring. If we are unable and/or unwilling to exercise this option, the devastating population growth plaguing the earth today will continue and, as mentioned above, ultimately doom evolution's greatest achievement [life].

About the Author: Lawrence Wood became interested in the area of science history while working on his MS and PhD in physics at the University of Alabama. Wood has worked as a product development manager for companies like NASA and helped develop a sophisticated military electronic system that many said could not be built. He now resides in Lacey, Wash., and enjoys hiking, cycling, kayaking, skiing, traveling and the occasional opera.

"Evolution's Fatal Flaw: The Inevitable Consequence of the Need to Ensure Species Survival"

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