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Exceptional Leaders Are NOT Heroes, Instead They Methodically Create Heroes

TROY, Mich., April 27, 2012 — IT Maturity is proud to announce the availability of a revolutionary new online leadership course. The primary premise behind the course is that exceptional leaders are not and should not be heroes. Exceptional leaders do and should methodically and continuously make their team members heroes.

Most current leadership models are based upon anecdotal research on individual leaders. Anecdotal research by its nature is unscientific. Because of this the current state of the field of leadership has dozens if not hundreds of different categorization systems, with little or no agreement in the field.

Leadership outside an organization has no meaning, for without an organization you can't have a leader. Thus, the focus of leadership should not be on individual leaders, but rather on leaders within the context of organizations and business purpose.

The IT Maturity Method Leadership Improvement Office (ITMM LIO) presents a completely new mechanistic approach to leadership. The mechanistic approach to leadership optimizes how information flows and problems are solved within organizations and enterprises.

Leadership principles and practices are mechanized through the creation of organizational processes and tools, so that leaders can make team members become heroes methodically and continuously.

Leadership principles that cannot be turned into measurable processes are recognized as personal skills mistakenly interpreted as leadership. For example, motivation is typically misinterpreted as a leadership skill. However, no matter how good an orator a specific leader is, it is highly unlikely that anyone would show up the next day of work if it were not for the true motivation that HR provides through salary and other benefits.

ITMM Leadership Improvement Office training makes exceptional leadership accessible to a much broader group, because many leadership skills and activities are delegated throughout the larger organization.

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