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Exiled Sri Lankan Filmmaker Poised to Shoot First Independent Feature Film, a Psychological Drama Thriller, in France

Homosexuality, immigration and meat consumption are a la carte in Indika Udugampola's next film. He seeks to raise remaining funds on while committing a portion of the donations to REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS.

PARIS, June 11, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — After months of preparation, Indika Udugampola is ready to shoot his first independent feature film in exile, La nuit est encore jeune (The Night is Still Young); scheduled to start filming July 2013 in Fontainebleau.  Only 13 000 USD are missing to green light the production.

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This is a small, but crucial part of the budget meant to cover a portion of equipment rental (camera, lights, sound).

The allotted budget must be raised before June 16th (11:59 EST) on (the largest global crowdfunding platform).

Prominent Sri-Lankan Cinematographer Channa Deshapriya is the film's Director of Photography.  He was the DOP on "The Forsaken Land", which won the CAMERA D'OR in Cannes (2005).

Exiled in 2008, Udugampola found sanctuary in France with his wife and child with the help of REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS ("an international organization devoted to freedom of the press").

The civil war rages on in Sri Lanka.

"Media personnel who reveal the stark realities of war or any other burning social issues [in Sri Lanka] are labelled and ever condemned as anti-nationalist," Udugampola explains.  "Anyone who considers media as an appealing mode of expression is miserably constrained in a vacuum."


In a quiet French village, a woman is reported missing.

A simple disappearance or a crime of passion?

A love triangle between…

a beautiful exiled woman who dreams of becoming a classical singer, 

a lesbian butcher with a mysterious curse, 

and a garbage collector who naively stumbles into treacherous territory.

Seduction, betrayal, jealousy, and intrigue combine in an atmosphere of barely contained madness.

The narrative is a rough metaphor of Udugampola's life experience.

He shares: "Through this film I am trying to expose the tragedy of the exiled artist."

To learn more about the film, readers may visit the project's campaign: 

Who is Indika Udugampola?

  • His past films have been selected to over a dozen international film festivals.
  • Selected for Berlin Talent Campus organized along with the Berlin Film Festival.
  • Was News and Program Director of Radio Veritas Asia.

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Phone: +33 6 09 56 89 04