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Experience Advertising Announces 2011 Holiday Affiliate Sales Contests on the Major Affiliate Networks

SUNRISE, Fla., Dec. 5, 2011 — Experience Advertising, a leader in outsourced affiliate program management, has announced their 2011 Holiday Affiliate Marketing Sales Contests. Every year, Experience Advertising's clients award exciting prizes and cash bonuses to affiliate marketers that win in their sales contests. This year, Experience Advertising is awarding prizes including Amazon Kindle Fires, brand-new luxury watches, and cash bonuses to their affiliate contest winners.

Chastidi Correa, Director of Business Development for Experience Advertising, states, "We love to run affiliate sales contests because all of our affiliates get pumped up to win great prizes. We like to award prizes not only for the top affiliate producers, but to the most improved affiliates and best new affiliates in our programs. This way, a more diverse base of affiliate marketers are able to win in our contests and everyone feels like they have a chance to win just by producing 1 sale in the contest period. Running exciting contests with guaranteed prizes is another aspect that sets Experience Advertising apart from other affiliate agencies and OPMs. Our affiliates know that our clients value their affiliates and are willing to spend money on fabulous prizes without any conditions upon winning. We regularly get feedback from affiliates that our contests set us apart from other agencies managing affiliate programs."

Experience Advertising states that running affiliate sales contests makes it fun and exciting for affiliates and always results in increased traffic and sales volume during the contest period and beyond. "What we see is a marked boosted in affiliate participation, traffic, and sales production when running affiliate contests for our clients. And our affiliates really enjoy the competition aspect and of course love to get their contest winnings," says Correa.

Affiliate marketers have a tremendous amount of choice when it comes to deciding where to focus their affiliate marketing efforts. Experience Advertising maintains that running compelling affiliate contests is a great way to concentrate focus of the overall affiliate community on their managed affiliate programs. It is a key element in their efforts to grow their affiliate programs by increasing affiliate participation across the board and building affiliate loyalty for their clients.

Here are the companies participating in the Experience Advertising 2011 Holiday Affiliate Sales Contest: – LinkShare Network – 25 Watches – MSRP $995 Each – CJ Network – 10 Watches – MSRP $995 Each – Google Affiliate Network (GAN) – 10 Watches – MSRP $995 Each – CJ, GAN – 12 Amazon Kindle Fires – CJ Network – 7 Amazon Kindle Fires – CJ Network – Cash Bonuses to the Winners – CJ Network – 7 Amazon Kindle Fires – CJ Network – 5 Amazon Kindle Fires – CJ, ShareASale Networks – 5 Amazon Kindle Fires

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