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First American Awarded 'Master of Spirituality' from Indian University

ASHEVILLE, N.C., Jan. 17, 2007 — Spiritual teacher Michael Mamas has received the title of Adhyatm Vidhya Visharad (translated, Master of Spirituality) from Bhagavan Yagnyavalkya Ved Tatavagyan Yogashram, the Sanskrit College at the University of Gujarat. Dr. Mamas is the first person who is not a Brahmin, priest, or pundit to ever receive the award, and the first American. In Gujarat, India, on Thursday evening, Dr. Mamas was awarded this title for his expression of deep knowledge and wisdom.

The University of Gujarat is a fully accredited university in India founded approximately 80 years ago. The Sanskrit College, Bhagavan Yagnyavalkya Ved Tatavagyan Yogashram, a 375 year-old institution, became affiliated with the University of Gujarat at its inception.

Dr. Mamas brings out ancient Vedic knowledge in modern terms and interconnects different fields of knowledge through spiritual understanding. Through his writing and teaching, he weaves science, practical living, and spiritual evolution together.

Dr. Mamas founded the Center of Rational Spirituality (CRS), a non-profit organization, in order to provide free/low-cost resources to assist the natural development of human consciousness worldwide. CRS provides free meditation instruction, lectures, articles, etc. He is also the founder and instructor of the School for the Evolution of Humanity, which has offered classes on both coasts for over twelve years. He is the author of numerous books, including Look Deeper Live Better and The Golden Frog. His latest release is Unconditioned Spirit, Course One of the Surya Home Study Program.

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About Michael Mamas

For nearly a decade, Michael lived a monastic life, studying with saints and spiritual teachers from around the world, primarily India. From the wisdom and knowledge he gained, Michael derived a profound and practical approach to personal growth and health, one that transcends both traditional and alternative methods. Michael was an honors student in physics and math at Ohio State University, he holds a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, and has a Master's Degree in Business Administration.


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