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First-to-Market Fruit and Veggie Pops for Kids (with Probiotics) Launch Nationwide

Mother and daughter team up to create healthy frozen treat

LOS ANGELES, March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Ruby's Rockets, the fruit and vegetable pops with probiotics made especially for kids, launches March 8 at Natural Products ExpoWest in Anaheim, California.

These delicious, all natural ice pops for kids, tweens and teens offer a healthy alternative to sugary, artificial treats–and a fun, convenient, healthy low-calorie snack.

Ruby's mom, Broadway/TV/film actress Wendy Makkena, (best known for her role in "Sister Act") started making green smoothies at home after she saw a famous doctor make them on a national TV show.

"One morning on the way to school Ruby tasted my drink. I didn't think she'd like it, but she said if I took out some of the 'grownup' flavors like ginger she'd drink them too. I was so happy she wanted something healthy. So we started making them together. But all that chopping and blending was really messy and I didn't have the time to keep it up every morning."

Wendy and 8-year-old Ruby began a quest for the perfect recipes, freezing hundreds of pops and sharing them with kids in the neighborhood who kept asking for more. Finally they landed on 3 kid-approved flavors:

  • Rocket Red – An all-natural blend of sweet potatoes, strawberries, carrots and beets that delivers a Fruit Punch flavor.
  • Galaxy Green – An all-natural blend of avocados, kiwis, spinach and apples with a heavenly tropical lime flavor.
  • Orbit Orange – An all-natural blend of sweet potatoes, carrots, oranges and lemon with the Juicy Orange taste that kids love.

Ruby's Rockets don't contain gluten, wheat or dairy. Kid-friendly probiotics support healthy immune and digestive systems.**

"We are committed to making these the healthiest pops they can be," says Wendy.

Boxes of 6 pops can be ordered at and will be available in stores on the West Coast soon.

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Created by eight-year-old Ruby and her mom, Wendy Makkena, "Ruby's Rockets" fruit and veggie pops with probiotics are a delicious, healthy treat that keeps kids asking for more! Moms can finally say yes to this naturally sweet, anytime snack made from fruits and vegetables with natural fruit flavors. Orbit Orange, Galaxy Green, and Rock-It Red are the first three flavors to launch, with more to come in 2014. No added sugar, fillers, stabilizers or artificial colors make these pops a delicious snack, dessert or treat for the whole family.

**Ruby's Rockets contain a proprietary blend of Ganeden BC 30 probiotics, which have been shown to contain more active cultures than yogurt. Probiotics offer immune and digestive support when combined with exercise and a healthy diet.




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