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Fitness Facilities Now Reach Students, Other Members More Easily with New Mobile App from REACH Media Network

MINNEAPOLIS, July 16, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Whether at a University Recreation center or local YMCA, facility administrators have a challenging time communicating and engaging with members who frequent their facilities.  "Students and members don't want to be given paper calendars, flyers and schedules any more. Trying to communicate via e-mail is becoming a challenge because texting, social media and alerts provide the real-time information and social media endorsement that students want," said Mike Munson, Assistant Director of Recreational Sports at USC.  To help solve the communication challenge, REACH Media Network partnered with top college recreation and fitness centers across the country to create a branded app available on iPhone and Android platforms.  The initial app launch is expected August 1st 2013 and will help put facility information directly in to the hands of those who need it.

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REACH Co-Founder Marc Kline stated that once an individual enters into a facility there are ample opportunities for the facility to deliver their message, "from digital signage platforms and touchscreen kiosks, to the printed materials that facilities distribute."  What was lacking was the ability to reach out and notify users of upcoming events, last minute changes in schedules, or other updates when they were not physically in the club.

"Today's students are glued to their phones and it serves as their primary communication source," said Scott Haines, Director of Campus Recreation at The College at Brockport.  "We want to be to be able to communicate with those students on their terms and an app allows us to do that inside and outside the facility."

For the past decade REACH has been a technology leader in digital communications for Recreation Centers with its digital signage and touch screen solutions. "The app is a natural extension for us. We'll be able to leverage our existing platform so partners can do everything in one place," said Darren Wercinski, CEO and Co-Founder of REACH. "The College at Brockport, along with UCLA, USC, Cal Berkeley, University of Wisconsin and our other partners, will help guide us throughout the development process to make sure our product meets their needs," commented Wercinski.

Existing facility partners let REACH know that they expected a mobile app to be customizable, to integrate with their scheduling software, and to include real-time push notifications to alert students of changes.  The REACH mobile app will look to deliver on those needs and provide one platform where the facility will be able to manage all of their digital communications.  The REACH mobile app will also be available as a stand-alone app to facilities that are not currently software partners.

About REACH Media Network

REACH is a media company that owns and operates a digital place-based network that is located in 700+ premier recreation and fitness centers across the U.S. The REACH Media Network features REACH TVs that are powered by REACH Digital Signage Solutions. REACH leverages the network and strategic partnerships to help facility partners connect with students and active on-the-go families via multiple media platforms.

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