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The Forex-Assistant Invites a New Cohort of Investors into the Foreign Exchange Currency Market with the Introduction of Retirement Investment Software (RISE)

GREENVILLE, S.C., Jan. 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The development team at The Forex-Assistant has unveiled a new software tool that will certainly pique the interest of retirement-minded investors. Dubbed Retirement Investment Software, or RISE, this tool offers a compelling 12% yearly return and an ironclad record of performance. During the 2008 financial crisis, for instance, the software only lost money on a single trade out of more than 3,000.

The Forex-Assistant's RISE software operates on the foreign exchange currency market (forex), which is inherently safer and more reliable than commodities markets or stock exchanges. The forex market exists solely to provide a trading space for the world's money. It doesn't suffer from bubbles, and it's far too large for any one entity to manipulate values or drive out small investors. The forex market is also the most liquid market in the world, meaning that money can be instantly withdrawn from an account.

RISE is intelligent software for automated investing, a convenient merger of technology with capital markets. Operating around the clock, the RISE investment robot operates according to a set of predetermined parameters, arrived at after years of painstaking research. The robot is far more efficient and economical than a human trader could ever be. Users can install RISE on their own computers, or access the software through the cloud. When the software is connected to a brokerage account, it executes trades automatically.

The purpose of RISE is quite simple – to open up the previously uncertain ground of the foreign exchange currency market to smaller investors looking for safe, reliable returns. These sorts of returns are ideal for someone looking for a stable retirement income, over and above Social Security.

"We saw an excellent opportunity to create an approach to the forex market that fits the needs of small money investors and retirees," said Bob Llewellyn, head of research and development at The Forex-Assistant. "No one looks forward to the thought of living on a small fixed income. Our Retirement Investment Software leverages the power of technology to take the worry and frustration out of investing. The software was five years in the making, and we're extremely pleased with the result."

Due to trading and investment laws, American citizens are not necessarily free to engage in the forex market at will. However, The Forex-Assistant offers straightforward, legal alternatives for Americans who want to take advantage of the RISE software. In a nutshell, this involves setting up an international business corporation, or IBC. More information about this process is available here: .

The Forex-Assistant continues to study the currency exchange markets, looking for new and innovative approaches to making money safely and reliably. Those wishing to take RISE for a "test drive" can request a demo and practice account free with no obligation.

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