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Never Forget to Change a Home Air Filter Again with Monthly Filter Club

INDIANAPOLIS, May 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Indianapolis-based ships replacement air filters to clients on a reoccurring basis. This service allows homeowners to keep clean air in their home, lower energy costs, and avoid untimely and expensive heating and cooling system repairs.

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Homeowners often forget to change the filter in their heating and cooling system and some homeowners don't even know they have a filter. Replacing the filter in your system is critical to the performance and longevity of your unit. Monthly Filter Club ( aims to change the status quo on filters by shifting the responsibility away from the homeowner and into their own hands.

Most homeowners know that the filter should be changed every one to three months but most homeowners also admit that they still don't do it until their system won't heat or cool anymore, elevating the filter's priority on the to-do list. Monthly Filter Club will deliver one high quality filter to the homeowner's door at the selected frequency which will help ensure the filter is changed as needed. This can be achieved by visiting and going through a few easy steps to set up service. After that, sit back and relax because you don't have to worry about the filter ever again. Monthly Filter Club's filters are "MERV 8" rated which is a high efficiency filter that is suited for most all residential applications. This service will save the homeowner money in repair and energy costs. Landlords also benefit as the tenant will more than likely change the filter if it shows up at their door automatically.

Monthly Filter Club has 66 different filter sizes available and can ship odd sizes not listed on the website at customer request. The hardware store doesn't stock this many options. Monthly Filter Club also can deliver a single filter to the customer's door for less than the equivalent costs at the hardware store. Delivery is free at Monthly Filter Club and their filters are made in the USA. It couldn't be simpler to start saving time and money with this service.

Monthly Filter Club knows that filters are not on the minds of homeowners and honestly are a boring topic. Monthly Filter Club has made the filter shopping experience enjoyable by featuring comedian Donnie Baker in a commercial on and YouTube, incorporating humor into the task of filter replacement. Monthly Filter Club's commercial can be seen here:

Sign up at and start breathing like a bald eagle!

About Monthly Filter Club

Monthly Filter Club offers reoccurring delivery of home air filters for heating and cooling systems. This service saves homeowners time and money as well as provides constant clean air, and lower energy costs. Homeowners forget to change the air filter. Shift the responsibility to Monthly Filter Club and enjoy peace of mind.


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