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Forty-Four Percent of Kickstarter Projects Funded in Q1 2013 Compared to Thirty-One Percent of IndieGoGo Projects, Finds Crowdfunding Aggregator App YellowBrick

YellowBrick app brings thousands of crowd funding opportunities together for iPhone and Android

DALLAS, May 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — As crowdfunding continues to grow in popularity for entrepreneurs, artists, and makers funding their projects, approximately 44% of Kickstarter projects were funded in Q1 2013 compared to 31% of successfully funded IndieGoGo projects, according to data from YellowBrick. A new app that aggregates crowd-funded projects from close to 40 crowd-funding sites around the world, including Kickstarter and IndieGogo, YellowBrick, the first Global Crowdfunding Search App, is now available for iPhone® and Android phones.

YellowBrick brings 10,000 crowdfunding projects from around the globe to your mobile device. With YellowBrick's powerful filtering and search tools, users can explore crowdfunding opportunities from industry leaders and niche portals alike.  The initial release includes crowdfunding portals, Kickstarter and IndieGoGo, along with nearly 40 other crowdfunding portals from around the world.

"Crowdfunding is both a local and global movement and our app is built to be flexible to your view of the world," stated Andrew Eckerman, founder and CEO of YellowBrick.  "There are over 350 active crowdfunding sites today all with great ideas and worthy causes.  Our app is the only place you can go to browse opportunities from more than one of these sites.  We hope to increase visibility for projects on the smaller niche portals and to make the whole process of finding and funding a project easier for anyone interested in helping someone's dream come true.  Unfortunately, over 10% of the niche sites that existed 9 months ago have either closed shop or are sitting with no projects on their site.  This is unfortunate because our data suggests the site you list on has very little to do with your success."

About YellowBrick
YellowBrick is the world's first global crowdfunding search application and social marketplace harnessing the global supply of crowdfunding opportunities. YellowBrick is not a crowdfunding portal. Weprovide a social marketplace where investors, big and small, find and share the right dreams for them and where dreamers promote their projects regardless of which funding portal used.

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