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Fuzzy Logix Announces Tanay Rx – R Invocation for GPU Analytics

Fuzzy Logix announces the release of Tanay Rx, which gives R users the ability to run over 500 analytic models that take advantage of high-performance NVIDIA Tesla and Kepler GPUs

CHARLOTTE, N.C., March 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Fuzzy Logix, LLC, the market leader of GPU analytics, working with NVIDIA, the leader in high-performance, low-latency computing, announces the release of Tanay Rx, which allows R users to access the power of NVIDIA Tesla and Kepler GPUs.

R is one of the most widely used languages for modeling, but performance can be constrained due to lack of parallelism and memory limitations. With over 500 models, Fuzzy Logix's Tanay Zx is the highest performing and most complete library of GPU-based analytics available. The Tanay Rx library combines the ease of use of R with the performance of the Tanay Zx library. The Tanay Rx library is the perfect prescription to cure performance issues with R.

According to CEO Partha Sen, "Using Tanay Rx allows R users to run their models 10X to 100X faster. As an example of computational speed, the calculations for intra-day risk of equity, interest rate and FX options, corresponding to 1 billion future scenarios, can be performed in milliseconds."

GPUs are hyper-efficient at performing mathematical computations in parallel using hundreds (or thousands) of cores to deliver speed that is unmatched by CPU-based architectures. One of the challenges to adoption is that users must learn specialized languages and parallelize their models to get optimal performance. With the earlier release of the Tanay Zx library, Fuzzy Logix eliminated these issues by making it possible for programmers to use almost any language to run models with .net, .dll or shared object calls. The introduction of Tanay Rx further broadens adoption by adding the ability to run models using R. The types of available models include matrix operations, Monte Carlo simulations, data mining, financial mathematics for equities and fixed income and time series analysis.

Industry solutions are available for financial services, healthcare, Internet marketing, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, insurance and other industries.

About Fuzzy Logix

Fuzzy Logix offers software, hardware and consulting solutions for high-performance analytics. We provide the next generation of analytic tools, namely in-database analytics and GPU-based analytics. These tools help companies make smarter decisions, increase effectiveness and improve performance.  Our solutions are easy to use and deploy and run 10X to 1000X faster than other products. We offer structured trials to prove the value of our solutions. Fuzzy Logix also develops custom analytic solutions and we offer OEM and managed services solutions.

Fuzzy Logix has developed over 800 different types of analytic algorithms which are parallelized and therefore, render superior performance.

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