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GambleID to Unveil Its 'Global Insight' Solution for the Gaming Market at 2013 ICE Total Gaming Conference in London

HOUSTON, Feb. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — GambleID ( is set to announce at the 2013 ICE Total Gaming Conference in London, England (February 5th – 7th) its recent "Global Insight" solution unveil, specific to the gaming market. This is GambleID's first product solution release that heads beyond their existing U.S. "Customer Insight" platform.

JD Garner, president and CEO of GambleID, stated, "With the launch of our 'Global Insight' solution, we can now provide customer identity, location, analytics, payment validation, and all of the services that have made our U.S. offerings so essential. We're looking toward having this solution be fully realized on a global customer scale." GambleID's sister company, TSEVO Digital Business, has provided such global-level solutions for nearly 18 years. Mike Newlin, CTO and head of product development at TSEVO, said, "This solution holds a lot of history with us, and we are excited to show the global gaming community the level of service that can be achieved."

As a rule, the gaming industry (lottery, poker, fantasy sports, ADW, OTB, etc.) must verify all player identities, which can often mean turning over extremely sensitive information. When this is compounded on a global scale, the resources and logistics become cumbersome for operators – specifically those wanting to compete in the market. The GambleID service provides accurate, real-time identity authentication services for merchants, requiring minimal customer information. GambleID can also rapidly validate and provide value and risk assessments that meet and exceed regulation standards for data verification. Utilizing advanced KBA (Knowledge-Based Authentication), secure integration with the deepest customer databases, and proprietary consumer libraries to accurately detect and ensure that the customer registering is in all actuality the customer behind the computer screen.

As part of GambleID's real-time identity authentication, the company provides merchant solutions that stop fraud, provide location validation, risk and value analytics, payment management solutions, with a global level of insight that combines initial verification with ongoing monitoring for a complete end-to-end solution to customer data compliance.

About GambleID
GambleID, LLC. ( is a technology development and integration service provider with offices in Las Vegas, NV and Houston, TX. The GambleID team is comprised of technology innovators with over 20+ years in the data analysis sector and has developed products and services for industries ranging from Financial Services, Government Operations, Health Care, Oil & Gas and many others. Their operations are focused intently in making customer data intelligence their primary service for online gaming globally.

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