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Georgia Public Service Commissioner to Lead Statewide Clean Fuels Showcase/Seminar

Transformation to Alternative Fuels drives Echols' Economic Development Mission

ATLANTA, June 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Freshman PSC Commissioner Tim Echols will host his third annual Alternative Fueled Vehicle Roadshow in the heart of Buckhead on June 4th following a kick-off event in his hometown of Athens on June 3rd. The Roadshow, which combines a showcase of vehicles and seminar presentations in eight cities, highlights the practical impact of clean, alternative fuels in today's engines. Echols said that attendees will get a close look at propane, biofuels, natural gas, electric (EV) and compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicles along with answers to questions on cost, safety, maintenance and fuel considerations.



"This roundtable brings together policy makers, businesses involved with clean energy, and those who actually use this technology each and every day," said Echols, who himself drove a CNG car until this year. "It is my hope that we can get ahead of skyrocketing gas prices and reduce our dependency on OPEC oil."

Echols said that high gasoline prices have a chilling effect on economic development.

PSC Chairman Chuck Eaton has recently purchased a Chevrolet Volt. "I've attended some of the roadshows in the past and have always enjoyed the discussions regarding energy independence," said Eaton.

Echols said that the Roadshow has grown to four states with a full-time tour director in Joy Kramer, former leader of the Georgia Solar Energy Association. "We import the dirty fuels and export the clean ones," said Kramer. "Our events are designed to reverse that equation with education and hard numbers to make the business case."


  • June 3 – Athens 1p-4p The Classic Center
  • June 4 – Atlanta 1p-4p Piedmont Center
  • June 5 – Dalton Trade Center 9a-12n
  • June 7 – Macon 9a-12n Goodwill/Anderson Conference Center
  • June 13 – Savannah Technical College 9a-12n
  • June 14- Augusta 9a-12n Georgia Regents University
  • June 20 – Valdosta City Annex 9a-12n
  • June 21- Columbus Trade Center 9-12n


Events are free and open to the public. Registration is required. or call 678-810-0929.


* EFACEC DC Fast Charger for EV

* 2013 Nissan LEAF made-in-America

* Dodge Charger Police Vehicle (Propane)

* BlueBird propane school bus

* Tesla S-Model EV

* Dekalb County CNG Sanitation truck

* Freightliner LNG 18 wheeler

* Bio-diesel utility truck

* Coca-Cola Hybrid Electric 18-wheeler (Macon only)

* Ford C-Max Plug-in Hybrid

* Chevrolet Silverado 2500 CNG bi-fuel

* Honda Civic CNG

* French Fry oil (WVO) 1991 300d Mercedes



Nissan USA

EFACEC DC Fast Chargers

Liberty Utilities

Georgia Solar Utilities

Georgia Propane Gas Association

Georgia Power Company

Atlanta Gas Light

Southern Pump & Tank


Force 911/Alliance Auto Gas

Shaw Industries

Freedom Fueling Solutions

Media interviews available with Public Service Commissioner Tim Echols; Don Francis, Executive Director, Clean Cities Coalition; Joy Kramer-Tour Director, Mike Anderson, EFACEC; Steve Whaley Alliance Auto Gas (Propane)

Joy Kramer
Phone: 404-274-0068