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GetViable Online Incubator Provides Startup Support to Melbourne Accelerator Program

Melbourne Accelerator Program to put all startups on the GetViable Online Incubator to enhance the ideation, validation to pitch readiness process

MELBOURNE, Australia, July 17, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — From July 2013, startups with the Melbourne Accelerator Program (MAP) will be mentored through their developmental stages on the GetViable Online Incubator. The incubator platform is designed by startup coaches at GetViable to help startups, businesses and education institutions enhance and manage their innovation processes.

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MAP is an initiative of the University of Melbourne, and is one of the few entrepreneurial programs globally that is run by a leading education institution. By combining the resources of the country's top ranked university with GetViable, MAP aims to better support the increasing number of student, faculty and alumni-run startups by connecting them with real-world startup expertise.

At the heart of the GetViable Online Incubator is the unique data-centric view of the startup lifecycle, which enables the right resources and support to be given to each startup at the right time. Mentors are given a set of simplified tools to manage the systematic progression of their startups through the ideation, validation and pitching stages.

"We are thrilled to be working with MAP," said Leslie Barry, Co-Founder and CEO of GetViable. "University students around the world are constantly producing some of the most exciting startups and it is important to give them the same quality of support as the commercial incubators."

Leslie added: "Incubators are beacons of innovation, and it is necessary that they lead by example and constantly innovate themselves. The GetViable Online Incubator is pioneering open innovation in this field, and we help accelerators, businesses and schools stay abreast with the latest in startup best practice. "

The current batch of startups in MAP includes The Price Geek, a startup that used the GetViable Online Incubator prior to winning a place in the program.

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