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Harris Rose, Founder of Rose Media Enterprises, an Online Media and Internet Marketing Firm, Recently Hit the Best-Seller Lists with the New Marketing Book, Business Growth 3.0, Reaching the Top 10 in the Small Business & Entrepreneurship category

BATON ROUGE, La., June 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Harris Rose, founder of Rose Media Enterprises, an Online Media and Internet Marketing Firm, recently released the book titled Business Growth 3.0 – 53 Ways To Explode Your Business – Essential Return on Investment For Any New Entrepreneurial Small Business Start-Up or 20-Year Industry Leader.

Business Growth 3.0 is a guide to teach local businesses how to build a personalized marketing growth program. Harris Rose says, "by focusing your efforts only on the activities that greatly increase sales, profits, and market share, your campaign will not only pay for itself but quickly show a positive return on your investment."

By keeping an eye on elements that create a positive ROI, Mr. Rose shows you how to create powerful, positive synergies, by selecting from a variety of tools, strategies, and techniques that make your business stand out clearly from the clutter, and fierce competition in the business world today.

Business Growth 3.0 reached best-seller status in the Small Business & Entrepreneurship category.

Harris Rose is a lifelong entrepreneur born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Harris has been passionately involved with Internet marketing since 1999 and created Rose Media Enterprises to help Small Business owners compete with larger competition by merging standard business practices with the power of the Internet.

Today, Rose Media Enterprises is dedicated to helping Local Small Businesses grow to the next level of success by implementing his strategies to get their businesses found, seen and heard by local customers searching online.

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