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DENVER, Dec. 19, 2012 /PRNewswire/ – With increased building and construction costs, homeowners are looking for inventive ways to dramatically alter their homes' interiors to create fresh, new looks without over-spending. This includes remodeling out-of-style living and dining spaces, dated kitchen designs and tiresome entryways.

"Homeowners are investing in their homes not only to increase resale values, but also to change the aesthetics of living spaces without having to spend high dollar," says Rita Henry, owner of Distinctive Mantel Designs, Inc. She sees this on a daily basis since her talented team of experts specializes in collaborating and manufacturing creative architectural products that transform spaces from mundane to artful and elegant.

Henry and her staff offer customers a beautiful selection of fireplace mantels, outdoor firepits, wall panels, kitchen range hoods, and more. The company's core principles involve providing creative ways to enhance and personalize living spaces with design elements known for their texture and color. For clientele with construction and remodeling projects, this can mean giving spaces a novel appearance that increases immediate livability and long-term value.

New home decor items are being designed to reflect the consumers' evolving tastes, and the fireplace mantel and architectural product industry is no exception. Staying abreast of ever-changing trends, the design team is constantly manufacturing new products. Modular and adjustable, their fireplace mantels, outdoor firepits, wall panels, and kitchen hoods are designed to be affordable, yet have the potential to increase a home's real estate value. "By investing in these types of remodeling projects, homeowners can potentially earn back 70 to 90% of what they spend," says Henry. Thus, choosing to install a permanent fire mantel or other products from Distinctive Mantel Designs adds more worth than just aesthetic design.

The positive effects these additions have on a home's interior design often astound homeowners. Click the link to view before-and-after photos of completed projects:

The company ensures products are high quality and manufactured to suit the needs of customers. This includes using technologically advanced, green materials. For instance, the product material is created with a special gypsum mix that includes almost 15% recycled byproduct, which adds substantially to its strength. Produced in the United States and made from cast-stone, each product is manufactured to be lightweight. This lowers the amount of fuel usage when shipping products to other states.

One of the most popular home accents is a fireplace mantle. Choosing the right mantel design can be an arduous task. But, the tools Henry's company provides take the guesswork of choosing a well-suited option out of the equation. For custom orders, they use 3-D CAD drawings modeled after room photos provided by customers, enabling the purchaser to view the finished design layout even when thousands of miles away. The design team can also offer personalized support to customers to assist with the process.

Whether for a remodeling job or new home construction project, customers have the ability to select from different styles of mantels. From old world and transitional to modern, each mantel is customizable. "Our experienced team often works together to mix and match various molds and designs to ensure a mantel is a one-of-a-kind. Pre-fabricated mantels such as the Monroe, Carmel, Augusta, Luxe, and Pachel are also available," says Henry.

Once the mantel has been installed, either by a tile professional, handyman or experienced do-it yourselfer, the look and feel of the home's living space is dramatically different. It creates an inviting space, ideal for bringing together family and friends in a new way.

The designers on staff also specialize in producing outdoor firepits that create beautiful exterior spaces with the same look and feel of an interior living area. And, with home sizes decreasing, the need for livable outdoor rooms is becoming infinitely more important. Built for entertaining, the company's firepits have the same substantial look as limestone, but like the mantels, are made from cast-stone. Also, firepits such as the Boulder and Octagon styles can be used with natural gas or a propane tank.

The walls in homes and office spaces can be vamped up with breathtaking wall panels. The panels add depth and character to foyers, lobbies, walkways, and even outdoor spaces. Like all products from Distinctive Mantel Designs, the wall panels may be customized to fit specific style preferences, shapes and sizes.

The company's kitchen hoods are handcrafted for homeowners seeking to significantly change the look of ordinary kitchens. They are designed for placement above stoves and ovens, lending an instant appearance of high-end panache. The hoods can be used to formulate design synergy between the furnishings in living rooms and adjacent kitchens. From intricate patterns to clean and simple lines, these hoods create an exquisite focal point, drawing attention away from kitchen appliances. To learn more about Distinctive Mantel Designs, visit and

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