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HealthEngage Continues Its Commitment to Maximizing Quality of Life for Chronic Illness Sufferers with Launch of D-Box, a Subscription-Based Diabetes Products Club

Unique program ships monthly box of diabetes-friendly items from a wide variety of sources, spanning friendly food and drink items, topical creams, jewelry, books, vitamins and electronics

ARLINGTON, Va., Jan. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — With more than 1 in 12 Americans now suffering from diabetes and a growing number of products and services becoming available to help people deal with the disease, HealthEngage has announced a unique subscription-based D-Box diabetes product club that delivers a box full of diabetes-friendly product discoveries every month.

Around 3.2 million deaths every year are attributable to complications of diabetes: six deaths every minute. The overall risk of dying among people with diabetes is at least double the risk of their peers without diabetes. Diabetes is a complex disease to manage and it is becoming more and more difficult for people to find products safe for them to try.

HealthEngage's staff includes people with diabetes themselves or friends and family who suffer from the disease. They scour the globe to find unique and interesting items from a wide variety of sources that can be helpful to people with diabetes. The D-Box includes a mix of diabetes-friendly food items, drinks, topical creams, jewelry, books, vitamins, electronics, or almost anything cool and useful that HealthEngage finds. Every item is tested and hand-selected for inclusion in the D-Box and includes educational materials about why they were selected and how they can help improve health. The D-Box is the perfect gift for people to give to themselves or a friend or family member with diabetes.

As HealthEngage President and Co-Founder Michael Slage explains, "We kept hearing from our users that it was difficult to find new and interesting diabetes-related items. We decided to try and take the hassle out of finding and trying new products and create a better way for people to discover things that could help them deal with the daily challenge of diabetes." As one D-Box subscriber notes, "Before the D-Box I was overwhelmed by the number of products out there promising to do everything. When I open up my D-Box every month I know that each item has been personally selected and tested and I even get a full explanation about why it was chosen and how it can help me. It is fun, educational, and tasty!"

The D-Box fits in well with HealthEngage's long-term vision of providing unique resources for people with diabetes to manage and improve their health while also providing a way to provide their opinions to the diabetes industry to improve the products and services they offer. Already HealthEngage allows users to earn money by completing diabetes-specific surveys, which provide invaluable feedback used by companies around the world in current and future product development. HealthEngage also provides free diabetes-specific tools on its website, which have been statistically proven to significantly improve the management of diabetes and lower HbA1c readings in its users.  In addition, the unique de-personalized data entered by patients in over 176 countries is utilized by researchers to find better treatments and hopefully a cure for diabetes.

Vendors of diabetes-related products are also eager to have their new and innovative products included in the D-Box and showcased, allowing smaller companies to reach potential long-term customers who they never would have otherwise been able to reach. HealthEngage already has relationships with over 200 vendors to provide contents for the D-Box but is always looking for something new and innovative to include in the next month's D-Box.

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HealthEngage's provides resources to help those with chronic conditions like diabetes manage and improve the quality of their lives. HealthEngage offers free online tools for diabetics to manage and improve their health and to share their information with their healthcare professionals. The growing community of diabetic users is active in over 176 countries and 58 languages, with members tracking, managing and sharing aspects of their health and wellbeing with their healthcare professionals.

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