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History Overshadowed: Mark Levy's Explosive New Book, 'Overland,' Debunks Common Misconceptions About Afghanistan and its People Through a Timeless Love Story

DENVER, Aug. 6, 2009 — Every evening, while watching the news, American audiences are pelted with stories about the occupation of Afghanistan and the search for terrorists. The fact that the American invasion was not the first experienced by modern Afghani people has been long forgotten.

Mark Stephen Levy has written his first novel, "Overland," to shed some light on how contemporary Afghanistan came to be and to provide his readers with a lesson in love.

Levy's story takes place against the backdrop of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan — a conflict which has since been overshadowed by the present-day U.S. occupation. Levy looks back through the eyes of his main character, Danny Benson, on the first day of the invasion.

Danny, a recent medical school graduate, is devastated when his longtime girlfriend, Heather, turns down his marriage proposal while she sets off with friends on an overland bus ride towards Kathmandu. He follows her, determined to demonstrate his love, but is disrupted in Afghanistan. Danny finds himself caught in the crossfire of war.

The author writes with authority on the events that unfolded on that December in 1979. Levy's own extensive travels inspired the tale and his familiarity with Afghani culture allows him to tell the story with wisdom and compassion.

The novel is tender, dramatic, suspenseful and truly one-of-a-kind.

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