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Introducing Holiday by MooresCloud, World's First Interactive and Intelligent Christmas Lighting

SYDNEY, June 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — MooresCloud, one of Australia's most innovative start-up companies, launched its new product, Holiday by MooresCloud at CeBIT Australia 2013.

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Holiday by MooresCloud is the world's first connected, intelligent, beautiful and easy-to-use festive lights, perfect for the Christmas tree, decorating the home, or everyday use.

Putting the brains of a smartphone into each string of lights, Holiday by MooresCloud can display countless patterns, coloured animations, and run applications as varied as…

  • A colour wheel to select any of 16 million possible colours;
  • Built-in patterns for the team colours of sports team in Australia or the USA;
  • Lifelike animation creating a string of 'candles' that flicker safely;
  • Lights that track Santa's approach and warn children when to head to bed!

Holiday lights have always been beautiful and enchanting, but they have never before been connected, intelligent, interactive or responsive. Holiday by MooresCloud is a world's first. It's the way all Christmas lights should work.

With the launch of Holiday by MooresCloud in May 2013, MooresCloud brings their advanced technology to Christmas lights, creating the world's first interactive and intelligent holiday lighting.

Holiday by MooresCloud brings magic into every celebration. With millions of colours, countless patterns and incredible animations, Holiday adds a glow that makes any event feel special. Simple to use with fifty LED globes on a seven meter string, and individually controlled by MooresCloud's beautifully designed and easy-to-use apps. Use a smartphone, tablet or web browser – it's so much fun, everyone will want to play with Holiday!

Holiday comes with dozens of apps to delight and entertain the whole family. With more apps coming from MooresCloud, Holiday will grow more capable and more magical the longer you own it.

Holiday by MooresCloud will retail for $199 with a special introductory price of $129 – order at

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About MooresCloud

MooresCloud designs, develops and manufactures hardware, applications and services that make lighting emotional, intelligent, and interactive.

Over the next decade vastly more efficient LED lighting will replace today's standard. Much of this will be capable of full-spectrum colour. MooresCloud is creating the lighting and developing the application and service ecosystem that connects these new lights to intelligence. And we also connect to lights from other vendors.

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Australia Phone: +61 418 653 187
US Phone: +1 760.705.4293