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Hospitality: It's 2013… Do you know where your trends are?

OKLAHOMA CITY, Feb. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The most recent GEM report released to hospitality executives gives a look at a few 2012 successful industry trends, and explores where technology is suggesting hospitality should focus during 2013. The reports are compiled by global hospitality innovations company Monscierge (, who develops intuitive and user-friendly software to enhance hotels' guest experiences and staff efficiency.

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"The genesis of the GEM reports came from a desire to understand the management challenges, staff processes, and guest expectations within the hospitality industry. As an innovations company looking through a creative lens, we began to uncover a wealth of opportunities for hotels and their staff through the use of mobile, interactive, and web technologies. We needed to share these insights with one another and with the industry at large. These reports became the perfect vehicle to present things in a clear, crisp summary. The support and feedback we have received on our past reports have been outstanding, and we're committed to staying intensely curious in order to provide meaningful, real-world discoveries to our friends in hotels around the globe."– Ken Marold, Monscierge, Director of Innovations.

The latest report also gives a rundown on important industry experts and bloggers to follow, a nod to some socially responsible hotels, and a look at some of the most sought out local establishments from a few cities.

Hospitality expert and Founder of LMA Communications, Inc., Larry Mogelonsky says, "The GEM report provides the hotelier with a terrific synopsis of what's hot in today's hotel marketing/operations. A quick read, the ideas here are easily understood and adapted. These 'gems' are food for thought, and should trigger some meaningful in-house discussions to stimulate new business growth."

The Monscierge team has been seen numerous times attempting to perform front desk duties in several hotel chains and reaching out to employees in departments such as housekeeping or the valet, to find what keeps both staff and guests alike loyal to a hospitality brand. The collected interviews and work experience directly influence the design and content of the Monscierge product line. Email

About Monscierge, LLC:
Founded in 2009, Monscierge is an international software company specializing in innovative hospitality solutions. This global, private Oklahoma City-based firm has developed a suite of products that facilitate elegant connections between hotels, brands, chains and their guests through lobby devices, mobile and tablet applications and other customized solutions dedicated to improving guest experiences and hotel relations.

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