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Identity Link Inc. Launches Full-Service and A La Carte SEO and AdWords Management Services

New York City's leading, progressive SEO and PPC service provider offers these new services for individuals and businesses whose revenue depends upon search technology and advertising.

NEW YORK, July 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Leading S.E.O. and P.P.C. service provider Identity Link Inc. offers free report and new service offerings.

"We are very excited to be offering our world-class and one-of-a-kind patent-pending technology to those struggling to make their businesses work, working to make their business bigger, or to more effectively spread their message," says Justin Page, Identity Link's President & Chief Search Officer.

Page brings a wealth of experience and industry know-how – spanning legal, moral, and aggressive use of "good guy" proprietary technologies – to every business he attends to. As for using "bots" for some tasks, Justin has few reservations as long as they break no laws. After all, he owns a U.S. and International Patent for a "good guy" bot!

Concerning the new SEO service, Justin says its aim is to save businesses thousands of dollars on Google AdWords, Bing, and Yahoo pay-per-click, a real money sink if one doesn't have the know-how and is expecting good faith from Google. "These AdWords venues depend on the fact that new users will waste thousands of dollars before they either go out-of-business or hire an expert," says Page.

"As far as I know, we are the only company offering an AdWords plan (all-inclusive) and come with an absolute service level guarantee," says Justin, who has been an internet and non-internet search optimization specialist for over 20 years. "Google doesn't give you that kind guarantee."

"Besides the obvious immediate containment of costs, the reduction of our clients' time fiddling around with P.P.C. management and spending way-too-much cash for the 'honor' of doing so, our value becomes clear when our excellent S.E.O. makes paying for AdWords a choice, and not an absolute cost of doing business today." Page remarks, "We know we are doing our jobs well when our clients cancel their AdWords plan with us! Their organic search visibility and its credibility has made them no longer need or want AdWords. We actually love that."

The company offers wholesale AdWords, and AdWords discounts. All monthly plans come with at least a $200.00 AdWords voucher or credit!

According to Identity Link Inc. a real investment has been made in the company's network infrastructure — their newly installed, powerful SEO-specific network infrastructure has strategically positioned them to accomplish tasks in unparalleled time frames.

"Right now, we're offering a free, no-obligation SEO action plan right from From there, using Adwords tactically with automation and experience to reduce its outrageous costs, we put our clients at the top of the search engines fast, and I do mean fast, with one of our standard or custom plans for either or both." Clients can order complete packages, piecemeal work "cafeteria-style" from Identity Link, on gig boards, or go it alone, if they prefer.

Identity Link Inc. also proudly serves other S.E.O. providers with specific tasks and challenges.

To learn more about this special SEO and PPC operator and the breadth of services businesses have access to, or to get a free, no-obligation, 50+ page S.E.O. action plan, please visit the following website:

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CONTACT: Justin Page, President & Chief Search Officer, 212-222-0122,
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