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Information-Rich Worldwide Tax Blogs Drawing Thousands of Readers, Creating a Loyal Following for TaxConnections

LA JOLLA, Calif., June 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — TaxConnections, the leading site for connecting consumers with tax professionals around the world, has garnered quite a following for its Worldwide Tax Blogs ( With expert tax bloggers writing timely, topical and actionable content on a variety of tax issues, site visitors are finding ample reason to keep reading.

Capitalizing on the power of social media, as well as the value of fresh, relevant content, TaxConnections' Worldwide Tax Blogs are helping to keep readers informed on a whole range of tax-related issues. TaxConnections' tax expert bloggers have a knack for distilling complex, jargon-rich subject matter into highly readable, engaging content. Their true talent is in demonstrating how changes in the world of taxes have tangible effects on everyone.

"Our Worldwide Tax Blogs are telling real-life taxpayer stories, which is helping us connect with the audience in a meaningful way," explained Kat Jennings, Founder of TaxConnections. "Our bloggers are tax experts. They spot trends before they become news, helping readers to stay informed of tax legislation that may affect them. The fact that anyone can access the Worldwide Tax Blogs for free is another bonus. Our data show that visitors to the blog spend an average of twenty minutes on site—an eternity in today's short attention span society."

Worldwide Tax Blogs cover topics ranging from foreign tax law to state sales taxes and everything in between. For instance, a recent post explained the status of FATCA, or the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act. The goal of FATCA is to remedy the problem of corporations and individuals "hiding" their income offshore. When foreign countries sign FATCA agreements with the US, their banks will be required to report any accounts with potential ties to the Internal Revenue Service. Countries not signing an agreement will likely feel some diplomatic and economic pressure to do so. According to tax blogger Brian Mahany, 75 countries had either signed FATCA agreements with the US or were planning to do so.

Whereas offshore tax sheltering is typically the purview of corporations and the elite, Internet sales taxes are an issue that will affect the majority of Americans. In another post, Mahany explains how states have reframed their tax codes to account for the steady rise in Internet commerce. Maine is just the latest state to devise a creative way to collect sales taxes for online purchases; The Pine Tree State has expanded its sales tax nexus to include affiliate marketers. In other words, when an online retailer compensates a resident of Maine for placing a link on their site, that retailer is considered as having a presence in the state and is therefore subject to state sales taxes.

As the readership grows, TaxConnections' bloggers will continue to publish engaging content that describes the ever-shifting landscape of taxation, from general advice to specific tax law changes.

TaxConnections has established a reputation for providing targeted advice for consumers in virtually any area of tax professional services. The platform brings together tax experts from more than 65 countries. Tax Professionals pay an annual fee for membership which gives them a listing on the site directory and access to a virtual office they can establish throughout their entire tax careers. TaxConnections helps tax professionals establish a recognizable online brand that promotes their unique expertise. For consumers, TaxConnections registration is free and offers a world of tax help from the members listed in the Worldwide Directory of Tax Professionals.


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