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International Board for Certification of Safety Managers (IBFCSM) Offers Private Security Personnel an Opportunity to Earn their Certified Hazard Control Manager-Security (CHCM-SEC) Credential

HELENA, Ala., Aug. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — IBFCSM, also known as BCHCM, a nonprofit credentialing organization founded in 1976, now offers professional private security professionals an opportunity to earn their CHCM-SEC designation.  The CHCM credential was launched in 1976 to meet the growing need for a safety credential that focused on using management and leadership concepts to control hazards and prevent accidents. Historically, CHCM credential holders came from various backgrounds including manufacturing, construction, system safety, transportation, government, education, insurance, and mining.  Current CHCM holders manage or lead hazard control programs in safety and health, environmental management, system engineering, industrial hygiene, fire safety, product safety, hazardous material management, and other related disciplines

With the growth of the private security industry in the U.S. and around the world, the Board recognized a need in 2012 to offer security professionals a chance to earn their CHCM-SEC designation. Many private security professionals such as project managers, team leaders, and supervisors also have duties related to safety, compliance, hazard control, worker's compensation, and accident prevention.  The CHCM-SEC credential focuses on important issues such as government regulations, voluntary consensus standards, safety and health management techniques, hazard control principles, safety inspection methods, accident investigation procedures, and hazard analysis techniques.

Candidates for certification must document relevant job experience and/or appropriate education.  Applicants must complete an on-line formal application and obtain on-line two reference evaluations from persons aware of their qualifications.  Master Level Candidates must document at least eight (8) years of experience and education combined.  Associate Level Candidates must document at least (4) years of experience and education combined. Each Candidate must achieve a passing score on the CHCM-SEC Exam which contains 110-125 multiple choice items.  The challenging CHCM-SEC Exam does not contain engineering or math solving questions. The exam does contain some test items related to the security profession. Some exam questions require analysis and critical thinking. Please contact IBFCSM for additional information on the CHCM-SEC Self Study Program.

More than 25 candidates from G4S Security Solutions, USA, passed the exam in 2012 and earned their CHCM-SEC credential.  Earning the CHCM-SEC designation can help private security professionals around the world contribute to the safety of their organizations and the clients they support. The private security professional, who can function as an effective hazard control manager, can help any organization identify hazards, prevent accidents, control losses, and improve operational efficiency.

G4S, USA, plans to host a CHCM-SEC educational session for those desiring to review key hazard control concepts and principles. The CHCM-SEC session will be held on November 7-9, 2013 at the G4S Corporate Office location in Jupiter, Florida.  Those attending the session presented by Safety Training Innovators (STI) will also have the opportunity to sit for the formal CHCM-SEC Examination on November 9.  For seminar information contact:

Safety Training Innovators
Phone: 904-201-1649
Fax: 904-201-1523
E-Mail: Email

Note: Candidates for Certification must complete the on-line IBFCSM Application process and pay or make arrangements to pay their Application/Exam Fees before sitting for the CHCM-SEC Examination.  IBFCSM does not require Candidates for Certification to attend any educational session as part of the certification process. IBFCSM does not officially endorse or recommend the attendance at any educational session conducted by independent trainers. STI is an independent training group with no formal affiliation with IBFCSM.

Earning the CHCM-SEC—A Key to Upgrading the Profession

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