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Internet Architect Uses Web to Spread His Message of Peace on Earth

Visionary Literally Shoots for the Moon with Rocket to Luna Project Designed to Promote Peace and End World Hunger

BROOKLYN, N.Y., April 28, 2010 — Gregory Rzeczko runs a small interactive web studio but his ideas are big. Really big. He recently launched The Rocket to Luna (RTL) website ( in cyberspace, promoting an actual lunar rover launch in outer space.

The actual Rocket to Luna launch is scheduled for Dec. 21, 2012 and will be broadcast live via Rzeczko's project has lofty goals – to promote peace on earth and end world hunger. The lunar rover will deploy an Angel on Ice Toast (toast art) with 144,000 websites on the moon in a special time capsule with digital data and art. The Angel on Ice is part of "The Legend of Luna," a work-in-progress script created by Rzeczko.

"I began working on this project in fall 2006," said Rzeczko. "But I see this as an ongoing venture. In fact, I believe I will be dedicating my entire life to this project, for the welfare of all beings. That is my goal with all the work I do."

Rzeczko is raising funds to build the rover, which has a price tag of $1 million. Individuals and businesses can support the project in various ways, beginning Dec. 25, 2011:

  • Pre-order a key for $1 to watch the voyage to the moon live online – all key sale profits will be donated to provide food, shelter and clothing for the needy. Additional keys can be purchased and donated to enable others to view the launch.
  • Purchase a toolbar spot and Angel on Ice Toast for $777 – each RTL spot is guaranteed for a minimum of 10 years at The purchaser's website title, URL, screenshot and other files will be placed on a USB drive stick to be permanently enshrined on the moon with an Angel on Ice Toast. All Angel on Ice Toast profits will go toward "The Legend of Luna" and The Legend of Luna World Peace foundation. The package also includes a viewing key.

The site also features a link to Five Million Dollar Rumble (, another site run by Rzeczko. The site – with a home page that actually "rumbles" – is accepting orders for website owners to promote their sites. A total of 50,000 spots are available at $100 each; profits will go toward building of the lunar rover. Site visitors can play online games and win prizes. A live Internet game show is in the planning stages.

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About Gregory Rzeczko

Gregory Rzeczko is an Internet engineer/architect who operates Soma Studios (, an interactive web and creative arts studio in Brooklyn, NY.


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