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New Interview with Jack Mize and Facebook Marketing Expert Nick Unsworth Teaches Local Business Owners How to Build Their Online Audience

Jack Mize releases a new Online X Factor interview featuring Facebook marketing expert Nick Unsworth. During the interview, Nick lays out his successful strategies that local businesses can use to reach more local customers using Facebook

HOUSTON, June 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Local marketing authority and author, Jack Mize has released a new Online X Factor episode featuring Facebook marketing expert, speaker and business coach Nick Unsworth. In the podcast, Nick lays out his successful strategies that local businesses are using today to find more local customers on Facebook.

In the interview, Nick reveals his rise from start-up entrepreneur to successful business owner, consultant and key-note speaker. Nick specializes in Facebook marketing, both for his own business and for his clients. His past experience in local marketing has honed proven marketing fundamentals. Nick has brought these fundamentals to the online world of Facebook.

Nick shows how creating his local presence transformed him into an authority in his niche. Nick says, "It was almost by accident" but the results are reproducible. He details his own and clients' campaigns that built local awareness and credibility, referrals and new leads.

In the interview, Nick reviews two campaigns that produced great results and can be adapted to any local business. Running a Facebook contest is a great way to bring in new business, new referrals, new leads and to showcase a business. Nick's approach is to attract clients, not chase them.

"Attraction marketing" is simple and effective and much easier than "push marketing" and closes leads at 50% or better. "I only do consulting 1-on-1 with people who know me and come through referrals. Business is much more fun when you only have ideal clients", says Nick.

Nick explains how a Facebook campaign works for different businesses. "The mechanics are more or less the same no matter what the business. It starts by deciding what the prizes are going to be, then asking people why they love your products" says Nick. "It is all about how you ask for the recommendation."

"It is important to give customers' a variety of ways to create reviews", says Nick. "Fan reviews on Facebook have more impact than reviews on Yelp." When asked how he tracks success, Nick says, "You can look at your floor traffic and know whether a promotion is successful or not. You can track back clients within 30 days."

Nick's three top Facebook tips are create your first contest, run ads to your own network through custom audiences, and generate reviews and referrals. The contest gives you focus, your custom audience is made up of fans, and reviews are content and 3rd party validations.

Answering the question, "What are local businesses doing wrong?" Nick says, "I'd say it is lack of focus – trying to do Twitter and Facebook and LinkedIn and Pintrest and everything else is just too much. Having the strategy without purpose is worse than having no presence what-so-ever."

Facebook contests provide a brand positioning, drives tangible business and referrals, and fan engagement that can transform local businesses. Listen to the podcast, implement the ideas and start improving your business today.

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