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Get Intimate with SYLK® All-Natural Personal Lubricant

Chemical-free, Water-Based Lubricant a Healthy Choice for Women of all Ages

PHOENIX, July 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Health-savvy women are increasingly demanding sustainable over synthetic when it comes to a multitude of products, yet some are still "under the sheets" when it comes to natural choices for sexual wellness.

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It's time to get intimate with SYLK – an all-natural, water-based personal lubricant by SYLK USA, free of the silicones, petroleum derivatives, animal products and parabens found in most sexual lubrication brands.

The only eco-friendly personal lubricant made from bio-sustainable New Zealand kiwi vine extract, SYLK's natural-feeling, fragrance-free formula is gentle on the planet, and gentle on a woman's sensitive vaginal environment, with a neutral pH balance. Additionally, since it's water-based, it can be safely used with latex condoms.

"An increasing number of women today are buying lubricants for themselves, proudly walking into stores, ordering online or calling us personally to openly talk about their sexual needs," said Shyena Venice, chief executive officer of SYLK USA. "Many are turned off by the potentially harmful chemical ingredients found in most drugstore offerings, and they desire a product that closely mimics their own natural lubrication in texture, taste and feel. SYLK offers the best sexual lubricant available for the discerning, health conscious woman."

A thoughtful, safe and effective choice for sexual enhancement and feminine dryness associated with multiple life situations, SYLK meets the needs of the sexually active young woman, the menopausal woman, seniors and every discerning woman in between. Even more, SYLK can help add comfort to those suffering from vaginal dryness associated with certain medications and treatments, including chemotherapy and radiation.

SYLK is made in the United States and is available for purchase online and at hundreds of retailers nationwide, including Whole Foods and Walgreens.

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