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ioBridge Provides Internet Connectivity Technology and Cloud Services for New Intelligent Pool Control System by Zodiac Pool Systems

MARLBOROUGH, Mass., Feb. 28, 2012 — ioBridge, Inc. ( is pleased to announce that Zodiac Pool Systems, Inc. ( selected ioBridge to provide Internet connectivity technology and cloud services for its new iAquaLink™ intelligent pool and spa control product. iAquaLink allows pool owners to control their pool from their smartphones using native apps for iPhone and Android or from web browsers.

"It's critically important to Zodiac and our Jandy Controls business to maintain our reputation for highly dependable, intuitive pool and spa automation," said David Goldman, Director of Product Development at Zodiac. "We're delighted to raise the bar yet again by incorporating ioBridge's technology to deliver an affordable solution that creates tremendous value for our builder / installer customers and the pool owner alike."

During technical evaluations, Zodiac was impressed by the ease of setup and operation of ioBridge's IO-204 Web gateway for allowing Internet control and monitoring of devices. Zodiac realized that ioBridge's technology could Internet-enable Zodiac's existing AquaLink® control system and add new features such as real-time control and monitoring and secure remote access.

"We are extremely proud to have been chosen by Zodiac to provide connectivity technology for their new iAquaLink intelligent pool control system," said Dr. Robert Mawrey, CEO of ioBridge. "The flexibility and accessibility of the ioBridge platform allows companies to enhance the value of their products. We believe that the iAquaLink is a wonderful example of an Internet-enabled product and that it provides a competitive edge that sets Zodiac apart from other pool and spa control system providers."

ioBridge specializes in providing manufacturers like Zodiac Pool Systems with technology and services that easily and cost-effectively Internet-enable new or existing products.

Customers choose ioBridge's technology for the following reasons:

    1. Ease of Installation and Operation: ioBridge's embedded devices are designed to be easy to install and manage. Devices connect securely and directly with ioBridge Cloud Services via an Internet connection. No port-forwarding or dynamic DNS configuration is required, making installation easy for consumers. ioBridge accommodates a large number of devices per server, which minimizes ongoing operating costs.

2. Low Cost: Rather than using Linux on expensive CPUs, ioBridge's embedded technology uses low-cost microcontrollers and can leverage existing designs. ioBridge works with a wide range of connectivity solutions, including Wi-Fi, radio frequency, and Ethernet.

3. Easy-to-Create New Applications: ioBridge provides a free Web-interface and user-configurable dashboard. Customers can create a new dashboard to monitor and control almost anything without writing any software.

4. Adds Value to Products: ioBridge provides a set of technology building blocks that include embedded hardware and software modules and Web components, such as APIs, making it possible for existing or new products to be rapidly and cost-effectively Internet-enabled.

5. Highly Scalable and Expandable: The cloud technology behind ioBridge is able to support 100,000 to 1,000,000 devices per server in low-traffic situations common to many Internet-enabled devices and remote monitoring applications. ioBridge provides an API that can be used to develop custom applications or to integrate with third-party systems.

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ioBridge, Inc. ( offers technology and services that allows almost anything to be Web-enabled and monitored and controlled over the Internet. ioBridge's technology includes a Web services platform that customers use to extend the technology for many applications. ioBridge provides OEM and commercial integration services and licensing of core, patent-pending embedded and cloud technologies.


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