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First-Time Authors' Publishing Needs Now Accommodated by New Self-Publishing Package from Mirador Publishing

"Simplicity Option" part of Mirador's campaign to encourage new literary talent

LONDON, March 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Mirador Publishing, long known for their positive attitude towards new authors, are now pushing that commitment even further. They have just unveiled a new Simplicity Option for first-time authors enabling them to Self Publish their books quickly and simply at no cost. Having been long-term champions of the independent author, this is a new project aimed at those authors who want to take total control over their books but lack the financial resources necessary to contract a self publisher. The company views this move as a direct response to the current financial crisis, which is seeing new authors squeezed out of the market with fresh talent either being stifled completely or forced down the 'Ebook Only' route.

Mirador's commissioning editor, Sarah Luddington said, "Whilst the majority of authors prefer us to take control and prepare their books for the market, there are those who wish to handle all aspects themselves and are comfortable with cover design and typesetting. It's for that group that we launched this option. The Simplicity Option offers a real saving over the usual self publishers like Createspace or Lulu."

The major difference between Mirador's Simplicity Package and the self-publishing options usually available is that the process is still handled by a human being and not a fully automated word-crunching machine. "This allows us to give advice to authors on better ways to prepare their manuscripts and covers before printing," Sarah added. "We want our authors to sell their books and as always presentation is everything."

Mirador Publishing has an enviable track record in the field of Partnership Publishing with many of their authors appearing in the upper quartiles and even the top ten of their genre rankings. This new move is designed to enable even more authors to follow these success stories.

Mirador still plans to offer their full range of Partnership Publishing Options, as these have proved hugely popular with many authors achieving outstanding sales results and glowing book reviews.

Mirador Publishing can be contacted via their website or by email at Email or by telephone on 0044 (0) 845 300 8827.

Sarah Luddington
0044 (0)845 300 8827