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James Malinchak Shows Speakers How to Establish Credibility with Audiences

LAS VEGAS, June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — When speakers address a new audience, they must establish their credibility quickly, says Las Vegas business motivational keynote speaker James Malinchak.

"Establishing credibility puts your audience at ease. It allows them to relax, listen, and believe. Ultimately, they stop asking themselves if they made the right decision to invest their time and money attending your seminar," said James Malinchak, who teaches aspiring speakers how to get highly paid speaking fees from corporations in his sold-out "Big Money Speaker Boot Camps" which are held twice a year in Los Angeles.

"People naturally question everyone and everything they listen to or invest in when it comes to attending a live event, boot camp, webinar, teleseminar, audio program, or a book. We are a society taught to question the credibility of what we are investing in for ourselves. There is nothing wrong with this natural tendency, except it interferes with learning. The audience has an internal dialogue with themselves over their investment, rather than engaging in your message," said James Malinchak, who was featured on ABC's Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire."

"Therefore, it is our obligation as good speakers, presenters, authors, and entrepreneurs to remove this burden from our audiences," said James Malinchak, who has presented a keynote address at the world-famous Crystal Cathedral.

James Malinchak created a list of 10 reasons the audience would want to listen to a speaker.

"I share these reasons with my audience after my opening story and opening session," said James Malinchak, who is considered by many professionals as the world's number-one big money speaker coach and trainer. For example, he says:

"When it comes to marketing, I am likely the leading speaker in the country because I market my business all the time. I'm known for my marketing ability so much, I even have my own trademark quote, 'Always Be Marketing!' I know that my business will not continue to thrive unless I continue to market in many different ways regularly. I teach that we are not in the speaking business; we are in the business of marketing our speaker services."

Everyone needs to create personalized statements.

"The best thing for you to do is come up with your own list of reasons of why people should listen to you. Maybe you have a college degree or you saved someone's life or witnessed a miracle," James Malinchak said. "However, you do not have to do something that few people have done to be credible to your audience. You just have to be honest about who you are, what you have done, and how your values and philosophies have changed people's lives."

However, you do not have to list accolades only.

"It is equally important to share the mistakes you have made, the struggles you have had, and your mess to success story," he said. "The reason this is so valuable is that people want to listen to people who are just like them. Realistically, you are just like them. You probably were not born with a silver spoon in your mouth with absolutely the best life imaginable. It is likely that you overcame challenges, witnessed stressors in your life, or learned something that struck a nerve with you that caused you to want to create change. If any of those describe you, then you are the perfect person to connect with for an audience."

James Malinchak also builds credibility when he shares his mistakes.

"I have made numerous mistakes and lost lots of money! I share how I did not know what I was doing when I started out. I share how I wasted thousands of dollars on an idea that bombed completely. I share my early mistakes in business and share how I would have saved thousands of dollars if I had instead invested in a mentorship program to get me started. That would have been so much more valuable than wasting money on fliers! That was a lousy idea."

However, as my friend Jonathan Sprinkles says, "They will not like you until they know you."

"You have to be honest and share some of the not-so-pretty things in your life or career to build credibility with the audience," he said.

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