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Transport yourself to Jerusalem from anywhere in the world

LIVINGSTON, N.J., Feb. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — invites you to virtually visit & learn about Jerusalem from your computer or iPad. With unique 3D replicas of holy sites in Jerusalem you can walk around freely, explore and learn about the city holy to millions of Jews, Christians & Muslims as never before – online & free!




The 3D Virtual Tours are available here:

  • Mount Zion 3D – site of the Last Supper Room & King David's Tomb in Jerusalem.
  • Jewish Temple 3D – The heart of Jewish faith as it stood 2000 years ago in Jerusalem.
  • Holy Sepulchre 3D – Where Jesus was crucified and from whence he rose in Jerusalem.
  • Western Wall 3D – The symbol of Jewish exile & return to Zion in Jerusalem.
  • Dome of the Rock 3D – symbol of the Jerusalem skyline & Holiest Muslim site in Jerusalem.

WHAT MAKES THESE 3D VIRTUAL TOURS UNIQUE?'s 3D tours are very unique and for several reasons:

1. Educational – The tours combine educational material about faith and history with 3D gaming technology to create an experience both children and adults can enjoy.

2. Guided – The tours are interactive and enable are you to choose between taking a fully guided narrated tour or explore and move around the Jerusalem site yourself.

3. Atmosphere – The 3D artists and developer teams put great emphasis on conveying the true atmosphere and actual appearance of the site by using special technology.

4. Better than reality – With's 3D tours you get to go in and learn about areas which are closed off to the public! Moreover, there are no queues, lines or crowds so you can truly explore and learn about the sites of Jerusalem.
WHO IS  JERUSALEM.COM is a new initiative which aspires to further interfaith understanding by enabling anyone anywhere to virtually visit and learn about Jerusalem, its sites and religions with 3D virtual tours, 3D trivia games, videos such as the Garden Tomb, Stations of the Cross and the Western Wall Tunnels, photos of Jerusalem, Interactive maps and much more! welcomes you share this with your audience and contact for cooperation.

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Elisha Jacobsen
Director of Strategy