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Junxure Drives CRM Adoption with Launch of Integrated e-Learning Guide for Junxure Cloud

RALEIGH, N.C., Aug. 3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Junxure (, an industry-leading CRM solutions and practice management company for financial advisors, today announced the launch of eXpert, an integrated e-learning tool for users of Junxure Cloud CRM.

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With dozens of interactive guides available at launch, users engage eXpert's easy search tool within Junxure Cloud to access relevant How-To content and a hands-on virtual guide that walks through processes using the firm's data. With each step, the user completes a task in real time within their CRM platform. New topics will be added with each Junxure Cloud release.

"Technology adoption is a big challenge for advisors, and Junxure is committed to helping firms find more engaging and dynamic options for encouraging adoption firm-wide," said Greg Friedman, President of Junxure. "eXpert is designed to make learning technology easy by integrating a virtual learning program within their CRM platform."

Benefits of eXpert for Advisory Firms:

  • Quick firm onboarding of Junxure Cloud – learn as you go using your firm's real data
  • Promotes deeper adoption of technology – go beyond contact management and take advantage of workflows, dashboards, and more
  • Easy training for new employees – new hires learn with minimal down time to the team
  • Increases efficiency and consistency – everyone learns tasks the same way, minimizing errors

Junxure Cloud's hands-on approach to learning is effective and affordable; eXpert is included with Junxure Cloud at no additional cost.

"Our goal has always been to combine our unique, real-world experience in financial services with the latest in technology," continued Friedman. "With eXpert, we are able to deliver on that goal without any added cost to the advisor. We're excited to share these developments with our customers and have much more planned for the rest of the year."

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About Junxure

Junxure was established in 2001 by Ken Golding and Greg Friedman, MS, CFP®, a financial advisor who developed the initial Junxure software to help him streamline operations at his growing firm. Today, Junxure is an industry leader of advisor technology and practice management solutions with more than 11,000 active users and a client retention rate of 96%. Greg Friedman serves as both President of Junxure as well as President of Private Ocean, one of the West Coast's most innovative wealth management firms. The inspiration for Junxure consulting, training and software comes from Mr. Friedman's day-to-day experience running his practice and helping his clients achieve their personal financial goals. For more information, please visit

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