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Junxure Expands Relationship and CRM Integration with Advent Software

RALEIGH, N.C., Dec. 1, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Junxure CRM (, an industry-leading practice improvement firm for financial advisors that integrates CRM technology, consulting, and training, today announced the expansion of its relationship with Advent Software, a leading provider of software and services for the global investment management industry. Advent's Black Diamond(SM) wealth management platform now offers an integrated experience with Junxure Cloud, Junxure's cloud-based CRM/office management solution.

The integration of the Black Diamond(SM) platform with Junxure Cloud will help advisors boost productivity levels and client service by creating a centralized and tailored user experience. The new integrations build on the existing portfolio management integrations available to advisors between Junxure CRM, Junxure's flagship CRM offering, and Black Diamond(SM).

"At Junxure, we recognize that technology integration is key to helping advisors become more efficient and productive," said Greg Friedman, President of Junxure.  "Our relationship with Advent and Black Diamond ensures a more seamless user experience for our shared customers."

"Advent and Black Diamond have enjoyed a great relationship with Junxure over the years," said Dave Welling, SVP and General Manager of Black Diamond(SM). "It's part of Advent's core philosophy to be flexible and open to integrating our technology and workflows with other best-in-class technology providers valued by advisors, and we are thrilled to continue to enhance the experience we provide our clients through this new integration."

"We remain committed to serving advisors through constant innovation," Friedman continued.  "This strategic relationship with Advent and Black Diamond(SM) enables us to attain a shared goal – to help advisors centralize their technology so that they can focus more on business growth and on building client relationships."

For more information, visit the Junxure website.

About Junxure
Junxure was established in 2001 by Ken Golding and Greg Friedman, MS, CFP®, a financial advisor who developed the initial Junxure software to help him streamline operations at his growing firm. Today, Junxure is an industry leader of advisor technology and practice management solutions with more than 11,000 active users and a client retention rate of 96%. Greg Friedman serves as both President of Junxure as well as President of Private Ocean, one of the West Coast's most innovative wealth management firms. The inspiration for Junxure consulting, training and software comes from Mr. Friedman's day-to-day experience running his practice and helping his clients achieve their personal financial goals. For more information, please visit

About Advent 
Over the last 30 years of industry change, our core mission to help our clients focus on their unique strategies and deliver exceptional investor service has never wavered. With unparalleled precision and ahead-of-the-curve solutions, we've helped over 4,300 firms in more than 50 countries — from established global institutions to small start-up practices — to grow their business and thrive. Advent technology helps firms minimize risk, work together seamlessly, and discover new opportunities in a constantly evolving world. Together with our clients, we are shaping the future of investment management. For more information on Advent products visit

About Black Diamond
An independent business group of Advent Software, Black Diamond provides investment advisors and wealth managers with a cloud-based portfolio management platform offering aggregation, customizable reporting and rebalancing combined with fully outsourced daily reconciliation and data management service. With innovative technology backed by exceptional service, Black Diamond frees advisors to focus on serving clients and growing their business. More than 565 advisory firms have chosen Black Diamond to help manage more than $266 billion in assets. Learn more at

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