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Kidaptive Releases Free Educational Leo's Pad Appisode for iPad

Award-winning Leo's Pad apps use engaging animation, interactive content to teach preschoolers

PALO ALTO, Calif., July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Leading educational-technology company Kidaptive today released the fourth installment of the top-rated Leo's Pad Preschool Kids Learning Series for iPad. Leo's Pad combines movie-quality animation with smart storytelling, adaptive learning, and highly interactive adventures that engage children in creative educational activities.


The series has garnered praise from major outlets including USA Today, Common Sense Media, The Wall Street Journal, ZDNet, and Parenting Magazine.

Kidaptive's goal is to help a million children around the world discover a love for learning.  With that aim, for a limited time all appisodes of Leo's Pad are free as a Summer Special.

In appisode four, "A Splashing Good Time," learners join popular eight-year-old characters Leo and Marie on their latest adventure—rescuing Marie's flyaway Question Lab—and meet a new character, Fusch (based on Leonardo Da Vinci, Marie Curie, and Confucius, respectively). The learner helps the characters steer the Question Lab safely back to the ground, which requires quick thinking and creativity.

The new appisode incorporates five interactive activities within the story, which engage learning areas such as pattern recognition, measurement, spatial reasoning, and working memory. There is also an instructional song that celebrates creative problem solving. As in all the appisodes, "A Splashing Good Time" promotes active participation over passive watching.

A key feature of the Leo's Pad appisodes is adaptive learning through educational content. Leo's Pad tracks learners' abilities, records their progress, and allows the activities to adapt, in real time, to their abilities. Kidaptive co-founder Dr. Dylan Arena emphasizes that, "We create entertaining and adaptive content that helps children learn. Our goal is to keep each learner in a corridor of optimal challenge to maximize both their engagement and their learning."

Parents can monitor their child's learning with Parent's Pad, one of the most comprehensive feedback systems ever developed for parents. The Leo's Pad core curriculum uses assessments across 70 dimensions of learning to customize gameplay, support development, and provide parents with updates. The app develops an evolving learner's profile that gives parents direct insight into their child's growth, along with suggestions for how parents can support their learners outside of "tablet time."

Reviews and awards for the Leo's Pad series:

  • Winner LAUNCH Edu 2013
  • Mom's Choice Awards: Gold Recipient 2013
  • Winner Startup World San Francisco 2013
  • Creative Child Magazine: Top App of the Year
  • Common Sense Media: 5 stars
  • Featured in iTunes App Store New & Noteworthy
  • Jinny Gudmundsen, USA Today: "The animations are breathtaking, while the captivating storytelling sustains kids' interest…Leo's Pad is an exciting new way to entertain and teach kids"
  • TechCrunch: "The future of children's entertainment."


  • Complete early-learning curriculum
  • Parent's Pad dashboard for easy monitoring of learning
  • Adaptive games change difficulty with your child's performance
  • Activities help children learn skills such as turn taking, impulse control, and collaboration
  • Modeling of social skills like deliberate practice
  • Fun and memorable songs
  • "Co-play" games that parents and children can play together
  • Designed for children up to age 6
  • No 3rd-party advertising

Pricing: The Leo's Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series app is free on iTunes. For a limited time the Summer Special allows users to download all Leo's Pad appisodes for free.

About Kidaptive:

Kidaptive is a leading educational technology company that helps children learn through a combination of entertaining storylines, adaptive content, and a curriculum developed in collaboration with Stanford University researchers. For more information about Kidaptive, visit

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