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Launch of Revolutionary Online Dating Service Neumate Helps Local Singles Find Their "Main Squeeze"

Love and technology connect with a site that prizes efficiency, privacy, and person-to-person gatherings

HOUSTON, Jan 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Breaking the digital ice with a potential soul mate just got much easier and far less awkward thanks to the recent launch of Neumate, a local online dating business.

Many people who attempt online dating experience frustration and sometimes shame when it comes to looking for love amid the virtual nightclubs of cyber society. But for the founders of Neumate, Shmuel Gordon and Michael Fradkin, the search for love paired with technology is a match that's meant to be.

Neumate is made up of local communities that bring singles together using one highly secure and intuitive website. It balances innovative online essentials such as the Neumate Token, a form of social currency that opens up communication between members, with the promotion of more organic, traditional dating within real social dynamics. Member "stalking" is prevented and only the profiles of real, active singles are visible to search. Using the motto "Find Your Main Squeeze," the company is passionate about helping people find love in their own backyards.

The Neumate Token and another feature known as GTGs (get-togethers) are unique to the Neumate online dating model, bolstering successful matchmaking as well as keeping the business community-based. "The Token is a game changer," say the founders of the company. "It introduces efficiency […] if you're single, Neumate is a tool designed to benefit your life."

GTGs are local event mechanisms that help Neumate give back to the community. Although used to continue member enjoyment and recruit new members, they also foster stronger local commerce for the businesses that help host Neumate gatherings.

Neumate is a private company that puts its members and local communities first. Free of technological frustration, gimmicks and ads, its services not only enrich relationships between people, but also strengthen connections within the community at large.

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