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Lick the Plate on 102.1 FM; KPRi San Diego Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary With a Week of Top-5 Picks in Several Categories

The popular San Diego show has interviewed over 50 chefs, restaurateurs, growers, brewers and culinary personalities during its first year

ENCINITAS, Calif., Feb. 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Lick the Plate, the popular San Diego food feature on KPRi is celebrating 1-year on the air with a fun week of programming.  Host David Boylan will feature his top-5 in several categories including interesting guests, memorable meals, music highlights, overall restaurant experiences, and industry trends with Chef Michael Zonfrilli.


"This past year has been unbelievably fun," said host David Boylan. He added, "KPRi went out on a limb airing this show and it's worked out better than I could have ever imagined. The variety of culinary personalities I've had on the show was exactly how I envisioned it. From San Diego's top chefs to small artisan sausage makers, we have covered a wide range of the culinary scene here.  When I started getting calls from big name chefs wanting to be on the show, I knew we were on to something. Narrowing 50+ interviews and dining experiences down to a top 5 was tough as I had so many delightful meals and all the interviews were interesting."

Haley Jones, Program Director at KPRi had this to add, "Lick the Plate has unique format that goes beyond food and really exposes the people behind all the amazing culinary talent in San Diego. David taps into what makes these people tick, from their culinary influences to their passions for music to where they like to eat and drink around town. With our burgeoning foodie culture, people eat this stuff up so to speak, and the show has really resonated with the KPRi audience.  We are thrilled to have it in our lineup."

For a list of the Lick the Plate Top-5 selections please email Marcia Westinghouse at Email

Lick the Plate Radio airs Monday through Friday at 7:10pm on KPRi, 102.1 FM San Diego and is engineered by Frankie Blue. Lick the Plate is also a weekly column in the Coast News.

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