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Live Music Tutor Inc Continues to Enhance Customer Experience!

ORLANDO, Fla., March 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Live Music Tutor, Inc. has recently made enhancements to improve the functionality of their live online interactive music instruction platform.

Since its launch in early 2012 Live Music Tutor has continued to improve the customer experience on their educational platform with input and suggestions from site users.  The new enhancements include a variety of short instructional videos and FAQs to help users better navigate the website. This valuable information is found in the Help section along with the new In Tune Blog that provides timely updates on numerous educational topics.

Their About Us button links users to the new corporate page that includes company information, history and bios of the team's leadership. Visitors can find specific information to support prospective students, new and existing instructors, the cost of lessons and the Live Music Tutor Store.

Live Music Tutor connects instructors with music students, both kids and adults, who want to learn to play an instrument or how to sing.  Parents no longer have to travel all over to multiple lessons, but can cook dinner while their child learns a new song at home. Adults can learn whenever it's convenient for them even if it is at 11:00 at night.

Students are able to select the instructor of their choice based on age, musical genre and any instrument or voice from the instructor profiles.  The student is also able to choose any available time, day or night, and enjoy the lessons within the convenience of their home.  Students will also be able to earn points for lessons, practice, auditions, etc. with the point system that is similar to gaming consoles on the market today.

This unique online platform provides flexibility for instructors, as well as students, to teach either full or part time in a dual based curriculum geared for students interested in becoming a professional musician, or those that are seeking to learn a song or two.

Live Music Tutor is not just a bulletin board pairing instructors with students. They are a full service educational community interested in the overall customer experience.  All instructors will go through a comprehensive screening process including a background check that will help ensure the safety of our users.

Interested in trying a new instrument or learning a popular song? Log on to to add your profile and start learning today.

About Live Music Tutor, Inc.
Live Music Tutor provides a safe and secure venue for interactive web based music instruction to individuals of all ages while eliminating the barriers of geography, affordability, time or the inconvenience of travel.