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Local Goes Social App babberly Sets Sights On Disrupting The SoLoMo Space By Adding An Integral New Component

babberly Is The First Location-Based Social App To Integrate Easy, Instant, and Secure Mobile Payments For The Consumer World, Forging The Way For A Newly Established SoLoMoP Trend.

SAN FRANCISCO, July 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The recently launched location-based social app babberly is on the verge of disrupting the staid, yet-to-be-cracked world of SoLoMo with the addition of a fourth layer. By transitioning from SoLoMo (social, local, mobile,) to SoLoMoP (social, local, mobile, payment), babberly is creating a virtual payment layer that allows for integration of all aspects of becoming truly mobile.

To achieve this, babberly is working toward combining the app's virtual currency system known as BabberCRED with the world of Bitcoin. The result will be a robust payment layer existing on top of the app's pre-existing hyperlocal functionality.

According to babberly CEO Bobby Marhamat, "We envision creating a solution that combines the hyperlocal SoLoMo trend with that of the Bitcoin and virtual currency trend for an entirely mobile payment solution. We're looking forward to being the first to disrupt the SoLoMo space with something truly useful and unique."

The babberly team will officially introduce their app to the public at a Launch Party in the San Francisco Bay Area on Thursday, July 18th. From there, the disruption work will begin as babberly plans to move swiftly to roll out their SoLoMoP solution.

About babberly

babberly ), currently available for download in the iTunes store, is a user-based app designed to connect people around the country and help them share information instantaneously. Users that have special insights or offers about the location can also add them into the user-based offer repository. All actions users take on the site allow them to earn babberCRED, which translates into real money to be used at babberly-featured merchant destinations.

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