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New Loudspeaker From Chameleon Soundworks Proves That Big Things Come in Small Packages

The loudspeaker combines customizable skins, sleek design and powerful sound

RALEIGH, N.C., March 22, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Chameleon Soundworks is making people stop and listen with its surprisingly powerful loudspeaker. Standing less than two feet tall, the loudspeaker fits easily in a small space and doesn't dominate the room. It is the speaker you customize yourself, so it has endless possibilities. Customizable skins allow owners to change the look of their loudspeaker to suit the environment or their mood. The most compelling feature of this new product is arguably its superb sound quality and Bluetooth capability. Chameleon Soundworks has achieved a sonic masterpiece that is certain to stake its claim to a sizable portion of the home audio market.

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The Chameleon Soundworks loudspeaker's diminutive size belies its rich, full sound. Rather than the traditional box shape, the company chose a tube for the final design. The woofer combination tweeter cone points down toward the base, which allows the sound to flow out in all directions equally. Measuring 7 inches in diameter and 12 inches high, the loudspeaker "box" sits atop three 4-inch aluminum or stainless steel legs. A bookcase, desk, table or other flat, hard surface is the recommended placement. Because of the loudspeaker's ingenious design, its location within a room is not integral to the sound quality it produces. Apple uses the same technique with its iMac speakers.

A unique, hidden magnetic attachment system on the back of the speaker makes it easy to change out skins. These skins can be made of anything that is flexible, such as paper, plastic, fabric, vinyl, leather etc.. The owner therefore has a great deal of freedom in choosing the look of their loudspeaker. Make it match the wallpaper, make it look like a fish aquarium, be goofy and make it look like a drink can or geeky like a circuit board, it's your choice. Customers with a flair for interior design will no doubt gravitate toward Chameleon Soundworks' products. Fabric stores, home improvement centers, art stores etc all become sources for skins. Or let us create your skins from images or material you provide — the choices never stop.

"Our new loudspeaker looks great in any room," said Geoffrey Blakely of Chameleon Soundworks. "Thanks to the customizable skins, the loudspeaker can either blend in or stand out regardless of the surroundings. It's all up to the customer, which we believe is a prime benefit of this piece of hardware. Plus, not only does the loudspeaker look fantastic, the sound quality and strength is unbelievable. We believe we have found the best possible combination of design and performance."

Chameleon Soundworks also makes a stereo pair without Bluetooth that can be connected to a home theater system. In addition, the company intends to build smaller and larger versions of its signature loudspeaker. With a wider variety of still-customizable designs to choose from, Chameleon Soundworks will position itself as the leader in customizable loudspeakers.

About Chameleon Soundworks:

Geoffrey Blakely has been designing loudspeakers systems as well as other products since he built his first speakers out of tubes in his bedroom at 12 years old. Forever improving on his designs and tiring of the same boring wood enclosures he tried something different. I think people will agree that everyone will want something they can make their own. As Chameleon Soundworks continues to grow so will the range of unique products.


Geoffrey Blakely
phone: 919-438-5272