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LTRH Medical Billing Service Deploys MedAptus for Inpatient Charge Capture

Physician Ease of Use and Communication Tools Drove Vendor Selection

BOSTON, May 9, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — MedAptus® today announced that physicians at Lake Tahoe Regional Hospitalists and Shasta County Hospitalists are using the company's Professional Charge Capture (Pro) solution for inpatient coding and billing at area hospitals and skilled nursing facilities. Approximately 40 providers across the two groups are using MedAptus' mobile offering to capture and submit charges in a compliant and timely manner.

LTRH Medical Billing Service, located in the Sierra Nevada mountain area at the California/Nevada border, provides administrative and billing support to the above hospitalist entities using MedAptus Pro to document patient charges from care delivered at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center (Carson, NV) and Shasta Regional Medical Center (Redding, CA).

LTRH Medical Billing Service undertook a comprehensive charge capture vendor review in 2012 to replace an existing technology that was no longer meeting its needs. This search was led by Lisa Krueger, director of operations for LTRH Medical Billing Service. According to Ms. Krueger, "The transition to MedAptus has been a smooth one and as a result I, along with our physicians, have experienced productivity returns. The system's reconciliation and compliance rules engine help us ensure that all charge opportunities have been capitalized on in an efficient manner while integrated communication tools further team collaboration and revenue cycle expediency."

Jose A. Aguirre, MD, SFHM, president of LTRH Medical Billing Service added that, "Today's reimbursement environment is challenging for providers so it is important to have a comprehensive charge capture tool that ensures completeness but isn't burdensome for physicians to use. After reviewing several available systems we decided that MedAptus' technology best addressed our requirements."

"As workloads continue to grow, hospitalists are required to be increasingly effective at time management and appropriate clinical decision making. Not surprisingly physicians don't want to spend any more time on administrative tasks than they have to – and this is where MedAptus comes in. As Dr. Aguirre and his team found, our tools are optimized to provide hospitalists with an efficient charge capture and management experience, one that additionally drives financial benefit," said Ryan Secan, MD, MedAptus chief medical officer.

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