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Manuka Honey 'Miracle' Product Is Made for the Treatment of Heartburn

MONTEREY, Calif., Dec. 12, 2011 — Ndal Laboratories, LTD. (pronounced en-dall), a U.S. Corporation based in Monterey, California, announces a breakthrough for heartburn sufferers with its revolutionary new natural heartburn remedy using all-natural ingredients including Medical Grade Manuka Honey, a product discussed on the Dr. Oz show in June of 2011.

"We have launched our first U.S.-manufactured product, Nutralize, under the ManukaGuard® brand," states Mr. William Adagio, the V.P. of Sales for Ndal. Nutralize is a patent-pending liquid formula made with organic and all-natural ingredients. Nutralize is specifically designed to treat the symptoms of frequent heartburn (acid indigestion).

Nutralize uses, as a key ingredient, ManukaMed® Certified Medical Grade Manuka Honey from New Zealand.

Mr. Adagio states, "Nutralize is extremely fast-acting, safe, and effective at treating frequent heartburn. In addition, the organic and all-natural ingredients in Nutralize have no known harmful side effects nor interactive drug complications so common with synthetic prescription pharmaceuticals and OTC drugs."

According to Mr. Adagio, "Nutralize represents a new and exciting leap in innovation within the category of dietary supplements and how the consumer can deal with tough heartburn issues, particularly those consumers seeking a natural product that is free of harmful side effects and works.

Nutralize is targeted for retail distribution in Natural & Organic Food Stores, Health Food Stores, Vitamin Stores and Specialty Retailers that focus on meeting the needs of health-conscious consumers. Nutralize is represented by Optimum Sales & Marketing and distributed by UNFI West and Nature's Best to retail stores within the Western States of CA, AZ, NV, OR, WA, ID and MT.

Mr. Gavin Gear, the CEO of Ndal Laboratories, states, "Nutralize is the first all-natural remedy for heartburn sufferers, a truly one-of-a-kind product and finally the consumer has a real alternative to chemical-based products.

Many consumers ask, "Can heartburn be cured"? There is a consensus of medical opinion that heartburn is caused by heartburn triggers: foods, drinks or behaviors such as overeating or stress, and with the right changes in consumption and behavior, symptoms can be reduced and/or eliminated.

Strict measures are taken to make Manuka Honey a suitable substance for use in therapeutic support and registered medical devices such as ManukaMed® Wound Care Dressings. All ManukaGuard® products contain Certified Medical Grade Manuka Honey and must adhere to strict protocols in the areas of apiculture practices, sterility, pest management, storage, extraction, filtration, written scientific documentation and strict adherence to GMP standards. Nutralize advertises on each label "Certified Medical Grade" Manuka Honey and bears the certification seal from ManukaMed®, the premier testing and Certification Company for Medical Grade Manuka Honey.

Currently, there are tens of millions of heartburn sufferers in the United States. More and more they are seeking an effective and all-natural alternative product for relief, and with good cause. Based on a recent FDA news release, the FDA has warned consumers and health professionals that prescription and OTC products classified as "Proton Pump Inhibitors" (PPIs) pose a possible increased risk of fractures of the hip, wrist, and spine with high doses or long-term use beyond the recommended dose.

"The U.S. consumer is currently not able to take advantage of a truly important natural product," Mr. Adagio explains. Most Manuka Honey sold in the U.S. is primarily found in glass jars, is food grade, not medical grade, and sold often at very high prices. The CEO of Ndal Laboratories feels that this approach is a major waste of a truly valuable natural resource: "Ndal's product marketing approach is to produce a therapeutic product line-up developed for specific conditions or ailments based on solid scientific research."

Mr. Adagio states, "Ndal Laboratories is positioned to take the lead in not only product development but also in providing education to U.S. consumers regarding the benefits of Medical Grade Manuka Honey based products." Interested parties can direct all inquiries to:

William Adagio
V.P. of Sales – Ndal Laboratories, LTD.
800 480-4146
Email: Email

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