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Mevesi Launches Mevesi Rx(R), an Intuitive On-Demand Management Solution for Pharmacies

Four New Online Applications Produce a "Pharmacy Empowerment Platform"

ORLANDO, Fla., April 29, 2010 — Mevesi Inc. (, a privately held provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) for pharmacies, has launched its Mevesi Rx(R) bundle of applications for simplifying the management, integration and distribution of pharmaceutical information. Pharmacy owners can use the Mevesi Rx platform to provide quality service to patients, healthcare providers and other third parties without investing in new software or hardware.

"This is the world's first pharmacy empowerment platform," said Richard Win, Mevesi Inc. president and co-founder. "Mevesi Rx enables independent, specialty, and small-chain pharmacies to access services that would have been too costly or too difficult to implement otherwise. Our online services are designed to provide the same pharmacy management and automation capabilities that large retailers offer, so customers can increase productivity and customer experience, ensure compliance with governmental regulations and much more."

Mevesi Rx is composed of four applications: Messenger, View, Connect and Portal. The Mevesi Rx Messenger is an automated interactive voice, e-mail, fax and text messaging system that can generate thousands of messages for patients, physicians and other healthcare service providers such as automatic reminders for prescription refills or physician notifications of prescription status updates. The View application provides insights into business, stores, product or market performance by allowing users to see not only comprehensive pharmacy data but also clinical profiles and histories.

The Connect component provides users with custom NCPDP-compliant forms for recording clinical and non-clinical data unavailable in pharmacy dispensing systems and required by partners such as drug manufacturers, patient assist programs, government entities and other third parties. Mevesi Rx Portal uses Web 2.0 technology to deliver a secure, flexible, self-service Web gateway that allows physicians and patients to view and manage their prescription services.

Since customers do not have to purchase the software or any new hardware, they do not deal with any of the additional overhead costs of technical resources, database administration nightmares and maintenance. All of the data is contained within a secured 128-bit encrypted data warehouse, which complies with HIPAA regulations.

"Our SaaS platform will get customers up and running quickly and efficiently in a fraction of the time it would take to implement an in-house solution that would provide only a portion of the features of Mevesi Rx," stated Win.

About Mevesi Inc.

Mevesi has a team of pharmacy and technology professionals dedicated to the development of products and service related to improving patient care and interaction, productivity improvement, data exchange capabilities and the secure exchange of information over the Internet. The company was founded in 2008 by Omar Sosa, former operations leader at Aetna Specialty Pharmacy, OTN Specialty Services and Shanahan Capital Ventures, and Richard Win former solution architecture leader at Hewlett Packard, Pepperweed Consulting and Shanahan Capital Ventures.


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