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Mobile iPhone Repair Company Shatter Buggy Creates National College Scholarship for Developers

Shatter Buggy Seeks Entrants to $1000 First-Prize Mobile Site Scholarship Contest

DENVER, Feb. 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Shatter Buggy, the first company on the planet to bring customer focused iPhone repair wherever needed via a fleet of Smart Cars, has announced their scholarship for university students that have a knack for mobile site development.


Shatter Buggy is seeking students across America to participate in their Mobile Site Scholarship Contest.  Benjamin Head, the company's founder said, "We want to create a site that is as comprehensive as our full site while adding the convenience of a mobile platform."  Head added,  "It occurred to us that there are many highly talented college students all over the country that could do just that, so we created a scholarship."

The Shatter Buggy Mobile Site Scholarship Contest will award $1,000 to the winning site developer.  The sites will be judged on ease of use, aesthetic, and compatibility with Shatter Buggy booking software.  Students with an interest in web development, digital media, marketing, or computer science are encouraged to apply, but this is not a requirement.  Interested students should visit to become acquainted with their site and business as well as find more information on the scholarship.

Shatter Buggy is a unique mobile iPhone and iPad repair business that utilizes a fleet of fuel efficient Smart Cars that can be summoned by appointment to wherever customers with cracked screens or malfunctioning batteries happen to be — at home, at work, at school, at Starbucks, or anywhere else across Denver or throughout much of Colorado (and soon to be other parts of the country). "From the beginning I had a dream list of what I wanted to experience as a customer," said Head.  "Shatter Buggy was created from the ground up with customer convenience and value in mind," added Head. "From the ability to quickly navigate our intuitive website, to the convenience of scheduling an appointment online with an exact arrival time rather than a vague `window,' to our six month warranty and more, every aspect of Shatter Buggy's offering has been carefully crafted to provide an unmatched, customer-centric experience. We're a fun group of device-loving experts who are fanatical about doing the right thing by our customers. It is really that simple – and from what our satisfied customers tell us, in today's marketplace it is really that rare, too!"

Although Shatter Buggy specializes in cracked iPhone and iPad screens, the company offers services to iPods too (4th generation and newer).  All repairs come with a six-month warranty on parts and labor. "Come to ME" fee is $9.99 for any of the services areas listed on the company website and Shatter Buggy technicians accept all major credit cards at the completion of the repair.

Customers throughout Denver and across Colorado who want to easily and cost-effectively repair their iPad or iPhone's cracked screen or malfunctioning battery can book a service appointment online at

For more information or media inquiries, contact Kyle Rutten, Shatter Buggy's Public Relations Director at 720-299-8584 or Email.

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Shatter Buggy is a customer-centric iDevice mobile repair business that utilizes a fleet of Smart Cars to go directly to customers via its exclusive "Come to ME" service. The company focuses on repairing shattered screens and back glass, along with replacing inoperative batteries. Whether customers are at home, work, school, Starbucks, or anywhere else, a Shatter Buggy technician will arrive promptly at the scheduled time to expertly repair their device and bring it back to life. Learn more at