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MTI Film Deploys 140Gbps CacheIO Flash Array in 4K Film Production

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., Feb. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — MTI Film, a leading Hollywood-based post production services provider and software developer, has deployed a high-performance CacheIO FA140 flash storage array. The FA140 provides MTI Film a storage appliance with over 20TB of SSD storage and blazing bandwidth of over 140Gbps, enabling real-time streaming of up to 9 concurrent uncompressed 4K streams, with no performance loss due to the fragmentation suffered by traditional hard disk-based systems.

The FA140's innovative 2RU platform incorporates 18 x 8Gbps FC ports which can be shared by the facility's 32 various digital film workstations. Larry Chernoff, MTI Film CEO, commented, "With the advent of 4K television, the requirement for multiple 4K streams will be vital to any successful workflow we deploy. In relation to our current restoration services this kind of bandwidth is essential right now.  MTI Film is pleased that CacheIO has focused its attention towards fast access particularly as it relates to uncompressed 4K files."

The FA140 is configurable with either Fibre channel or Infiniband interfaces and SSD storage up to 48TB. The appliance is fully compatible with the Quantum StorNext Filesystem. In addition to the standalone storage array, a caching model as a front end to existing hard-disk storage will be available following NAB.

The FA140 will be on display at the Hollywood Post Alliance (HPA) Tech Retreat in Indian Wells, CA the week of February 18th.

About CacheIO

CacheIO ( is a high-performance storage company started by the co-founder and former CTO of SeaChange International where he developed the first widely deployed SSD-based servers and caching software for media applications. The company has development and manufacturing facilities in New Hampshire and California. The company also provides a high speed cache for intense database access requirements.