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Multi-site, Multi-nation Video Conferencing: A Valuable Cost Cutting Tool for International Relations, Advises the Remark Group

LONDON, June 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Whilst the thought of doing business overseas might at first seem costly, the rise of video conferencing can provide an excellent economical option for international communications, says the Remark Group, a business intelligence systems specialist. Whether it's a sophisticated integrated boardroom installation or multi-point simultaneous conferencing, technology can make the world a small place.

When choosing the right AV installations for their businesses, more and more companies are now also thinking about how these products can impact their conferencing. High spec monitors, state-of-the-art webcams and surround sound speakers not only provide the optimum viewing environment for in-house presentations, but they also ensure conferencing across multiple national and international sites is as slick as possible.

Whilst post-recession businesses still recognise the importance of retaining relationships with customers, partners or other business units in overseas countries, the tightening of purse strings over the past few years has meant technological advances in conferencing have taken precedence over hopping on a flight.

David Lyons, IT services director for the Remark Group, explains: "There has been a real shift in the way people handle international relations and now the days of expensive cross-country calls or flights abroad for meetings are few and far between. The options available for businesses to facilitate virtual meetings are endless. Thanks to technological innovations, premium visual, sound and connection quality in video conferencing can make the whole experience both stress-free and enjoyable."

The Remark Group advises, however, that businesses should choose their provider wisely when looking to have such a system installed. It is vital to find a specialist that not only offers the most cost-effective solution, but also specifies the most suitable in accordance with the business' network infrastructure. Full project management is the best option, says Remark, as the full offering including procurement of hardware and service and maintenance agreements can all be negotiated, which will save time and hassle in the future.

David concludes: "Whilst smaller businesses or home workers might not be in a position to invest in video conferencing equipment, they don't have to miss out on this form of communication.  A good option they could utilise is Voice over Internet Protocol, commonly known as VoIP services – which provides cost-effective business telephone systems along with video and conference calling capabilities."

The Remark Group provides a range of business solutions spanning network cabling, telecoms and IT solutions. Businesses seeking technical support services can benefit from the Remark Group's IT services division, which offers full system maintenance, upgrades and testing services.

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