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New MyPourPal App Connects Bar Patrons with Their Favorite Bartenders

With Over a Half-Million Bartenders in the U.S., MyPourPal™ Could Significantly Alter the Face of Beverage Marketing

ASBURY, N.J., Feb. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — MyPourPal, LLC has launched what is expected to be one of the beverage world's hottest apps: MyPourPal™, Linking Bartenders to Their Regulars.

This "first of its type" app creates a social link between bartenders and their regular customers, allowing bartenders to quickly message new or ongoing specials and promotions. Customers will love the new app that instantly let's them know who's working at what bar. Customers can then message blast friends to join them at favorite hot spots or alert them of special bar events. It creates two social network loops between bartenders and patrons.

"From an establishment's point of view," says company founder Justin Huddy, "the MyPourPal™ app is a groundbreaking way to increase customer and brand loyalty. It allows for a safe social network between bartender and patron, as well as patron to patron, drives more traffic to area bars, builds loyalty and ramps up sales. It will also build awareness with distributors who can activate special offers and incentives."

The MyPourPal™ app allows bartenders to safely message their regulars and friends (without having to reveal personal data such as phone numbers), while simultaneously posting on Facebook and Twitter with just one click, thereby building customer loyalty and increasing their customer following.

MyPourPal is available for download now at Apple iTunes. Initial marketing efforts will concentrate in New Jersey and New York prior to launching nationally. A global introduction will follow in the third quarter in 2013.

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