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Nano Technology Helps Razors Last Much Longer

Hate spending a fortune on razors? Love things with butter in them?

TAMPA, Fla., Feb. 15, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — You're in luck because BladeButter has butter in its name and it harnesses nano-technology that extends the life of your razor exponentially.

BladeButter isn't really butter. It's a blend of all natural, nano-oils that are able to penetrate your razor's blades and lubricate them from the inside out. The result is cleaner, closer shaves and razors that can last for months. The average user can save over $150 a year by adding BladeButter to their shaving routine. That estimate doesn't just apply to men, it also includes women.

BladeButter may be high-tech in its formulation, but it's low-tech to use. Consumers simply soak their razor in BladeButter just before shaving and then shave as usual.

BladeButter is the brainchild of Matt Green, a product developer from the nutrition industry. Green came up with the idea for BladeButter while researching a way to prevent his company's protein bars from sticking to the inside of bar wrappers. "We were infusing edible oils into the inner layer of bar wrappers to prevent bars from sticking," Green remembers. "One set of oils stood out from the rest, for all the wrong reasons." Nano-filtrated oils kept penetrating through all three layers of his foil wrappers. It wasn't the result he wanted, but he knew the penetrating power of these oils would be great for something else.

That 'something else' came a few months later when Matt ran out of shaving gel and cringed at the idea of just a soap-and-water shave. He grabbed the nano-filtered oils from his raw materials shelf and BladeButter was born.

Green set out to make BladeButter more than just a blade lubricant. He added natural astringents like Tea Tree Oil and Aloe Vera Oil to sanitize the blades. He also included Vitamin E and antioxidants to repair and rejuvenate skin.

The resulting formula has become a big hit with the select few that know of his little side project. Now Green has taken BladeButter to the popular crowd-funding site IndieGoGo in an attempt to turn his side project into a full time job ( ). "I thought it would be a great way to introduce BladeButter to a much larger audience. Its low cost allows me to offer discount pricing with free shipping," states Green.

BladeButter is already considered a value at its retail price of $17.95 plus $3.95 for standard shipping. On IndieGoGo, buyers pay just $17 and there is no charge for shipping within the US. For the average consumer, a jar of BladeButter will last four to six months depending on how often they shave.

BladeButter comes in two formulas, Gold for men and a Pink version that is geared towards women. BladeButter is made in the USA at a FDA Registered manufacturing facility near Tampa, Florida.

Matt Green