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nCrypted Cloud Launches Free Privacy Service with the World's First Private Camera for Dropbox

BOSTON, March 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — nCrypted Cloud, a Cloud Data Privacy company that brings world-class privacy to data stored on cloud storage providers such as Dropbox, GoogleDrive and SkyDrive, has announced the launch of its free nCrypted Cloud service. Downloads are available at

Nick Stamos, the CEO and Co-Founder of nCrypted Cloud, along with Igor Odnovorov, his Co-Founder, have over twenty years each in Enterprise Security and are bringing that expertise to the consumer market. "We make Dropbox better! The privacy assurance that nCrypted Cloud provides consumers enables many use cases," says Stamos. "The Private Camera allows everyone from soccer moms/dads to seasoned travelers to create a Private Wallet in the cloud."

The Private Camera feature of nCrypted Cloud is used to securely capture and encrypt images of all of their Personal Identifiable Information (PII) such as credit cards, medical insurance cards and more, typically carried in wallets or purses.

"Casual users of cloud storage have been weary of storing their personal or sensitive information in the cloud but now they can do this with confidence due to the patent-pending technology developed by nCrypted Cloud," says Odnovorov. "Seasoned travelers can also take advantage of the Private Camera to store encrypted images of their passports, visas and other sensitive data in the cloud. With nCryptedCloud, a lost or stolen credit card is still available to the user for easy cancelling or replacing or even continuing to be able to purchase goods and services over the phone and over the Internet."

nCrypted Cloud addresses the privacy risks that arise from data in the cloud. More and more people want to place everything in the cloud, but intuitively know the lack of adequate protection of their privacy; this makes users very nervous about storing sensitive data in the cloud. With client side encryption users can collaborate with others and they can rest easy because their information within nCrypted Cloud is safe and secure.

On the other hand, we are witness to the rise in risqué content floating around mobile devices. This past Valentine's Day, 36% of Americans said they planned to share a salacious photo with their partner over text message, e-mail or social network, according to a new romance-themed survey from security company McAfee. With nCrypted Cloud's new Private Camera feature, users can now be assured of the privacy of their sensitive data including pictures. Think Snapchat but better.

"Consumers have no excuse for not protecting their sensitive information," says Laura Didio, Principal Analyst for ITIC.

About nCrypted Cloud

nCrypted Cloud is a privately held company headquartered in Boston, MA that brings world-class privacy controls to data stored on Cloud Storage Providers. nCrypted Cloud empowers users to apply the desired privacy and control policies to their data, giving users a truly frictionless upgrade to a private and secured environment.

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